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No Offense But Why Aren’t You Listening To NOAHFINNCE’s My Brain After Therapy?

No Offense But Why Aren’t You Listening To NOAHFINNCE’s My Brain After Therapy?

Whether you love it or hate it, pop-punk is back and better than ever baby 😌 As your resident source of all things music news, you know that means we have to let you know all about your teenage-year faves, as well up-and-coming pop punk artists and what they’re up to. We’re super excited to share NOAHFINNCE’s new EP My Brain After Therapy with you, the latest release from the Hopeless Records-affiliated artist.

My Brain After Therapy is exactly as it sounds – a collection of songs I wrote after starting therapy for the first time! Each song was inspired directly by topics that I covered in my therapy sessions, revisiting the topics while writing these songs was therapeutic in itself… DOUBLE THERAPY.

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It’s no secret that mental health is an important topic that we want to see make its way into mainstream discussions. The more people talk about mental health, and therapy especially, the more we can decrease the stigma surrounding it. We love that NOAHFINNCE used My Brain After Therapy as a way to write about the stuff he’d discussed in therapy sessions himself. It creates a sort of open dialogue about it, like “hey, I went to therapy and this is how I felt about it.” It’s our hope that bodies of work like this EP inspire and encourage others to try therapy or at least be more open and honest about their feelings.

We wanted to highlight some of our favorite tracks from My Brain After Therapy (but of course they’re all bangers we can’t get out of our heads).


Right along the theme of mental health, ‘BETTER DAYS’ is one of our favorite tracks simply because we’ve been there! The feeling of waiting for better days and for things to get better while also feeling frustrated with yourself and your mental health is one that is all too relatable. This track does a great job of capturing those feelings and reminding you you’re not alone.

‘AFTER THERAPY’ (ft. Hot Mulligan)

We love Hot Mulligan here at THP, so when we found out that NOAHFINNCE had a collab with them on My Brain After Therapy, we knew we were gonna love it. We were right! We’re not sure exactly who made this collab happen but we’re so glad it did because Hot Mulligan and NOAHFINNCE is the collab we didn’t know we needed! It’s the perfect closing track if we’ve ever seen one.

‘WORMS (In My Brain)’

We’re not sure how NOAHFINNCE got in OUR heads when creating this song but clearly he did. That “worms in your brain” feeling, when everything makes no sense and feels overwhelming and painful, that’s what this song is about. Therapy can help those feelings, so it’s a great choice to start the EP with this song and end with ‘AFTER THERAPY,’ from a narrative perspective. Maybe you can’t get away from the worms in your head, but at least you’re not alone.

And there you have it. You absolutely have to stream My Brain After Therapy because how could you not? NOAHFINNCE’s sound scratches that contemporary pop-punk itch in our brains and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

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What do you think of NOAHFINNCE? Which track off the EP is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, we’re always buzzing around on Twitter.

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