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Pick Your Fave Fanfiction Trope, And We’ll Give You The Perfect Song Recommendation!

Pick Your Fave Fanfiction Trope, And We’ll Give You The Perfect Song Recommendation!

Being that The Honey POP is made up of fans much like yourself, it’s pretty obv that next to loving new releases and song recommendations we are obsessed with fanfiction! For one, it’s a good way to show off your writing skills, especially if you want to springboard yourself into getting published someday like our fave author Larissa Lopes.

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Secondly, fanfiction writers know how to create an experience! If a writer really wants to go all out on a story, they pull the whole nines! We’re talking about elaborate book banners and covers, a cast list (remember those on Wattpad) featuring some of our faves like Selena Gomez and all the boys from 5SOS, decorative page breaks (if the writer wants to get fancy), and most importantly, the soundtrack. Ah yes, the thing that almost every fanfic tends to have.

A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

Back in the 2010s, you might have remembered seeing this trend of writers creating mock CD covers with a collection of songs to listen to while reading their fics. It was a big thing in the fanfiction community though, not much has changed from today with fanfic soundtracks now getting full-blown playlists on Spotify and YouTube.

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Right now, you’re probably wondering what’s all this talk about fanfiction and fanfiction soundtracks? Well, okay okay. Basically what we’re trying to point out is how music and fanfics go hand and hand. After all, listening to music while reading does tend to help enhance certain scenes and envision things better. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to discover new songs from artists that you’ll eventually be fanning out over.

Quiz Time!

With that being said, if you’re looking for some recommendations for songs and artists to add to your playlist never fear because THP is going to help you out via fanfiction style. Choose you’re favorite fanfiction trope and we’ll give you a song recommendation in return!

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So what song did you get? Are you going to add it to your own personal fanfiction soundtrack? Let us know in the comments! You can also hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We’re down to fan out about anything!

For more song recommendations, follow us over here! Or if you’re looking for even more quizzes, we got you covered right over here!

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