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ENHYPEN’s Future Looks Perfect With 3rd Mini Album MANIFESTO: DAY 1

ENHYPEN’s Future Looks Perfect With 3rd Mini Album MANIFESTO: DAY 1

ENGENE, get ready! ENHYPEN have just dropped their 3rd mini album MANIFESTO: DAY 1! In their second Korean release this year, after DIMENSION: ANSWER, ENHYPEN set the stage for who they are now, and who they’re going to be moving forward!

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MANIFESTO: DAY 1 discusses how society defines success, and more importantly, what it means for ENHYPEN! The group debuted as monster rookies and have only gotten bigger since, so it’s so cool, as a fan, to feel like you’re witnessing a part of their internal dialogue as their fame grows.

‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)’

The title track from MANIFESTO: DAY 1 is ‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC).’ It’s a heavy hip-hop track that sets the tone for ENHYPEN’s next chapter, with lyrics like “I wanna stand on my own feet / Everything else is meaningless.” We love seeing ENHYPEN explore their individual and group identities, especially in such a direct and candid way.

MANIFESTO: DAY 1 is a very powerful album. ENHYPEN explore so much in just six tracks, not only lyrically, but production-wise too! In only seventeen minutes, ENHYPEN delve into the worlds of hip-hop, alt-pop, rock, and electropop. The group haven’t been afraid to experiment with genres ever since they debuted with ‘Given-Taken,’ and it’s so cool to see them continually push those boundaries.

The album begins with ‘WALK THE LINE,’ and if you think that title sounds familiar, you’re right (and not just because of the Johnny Cash song). It’s also the name of the intro track from Enhypen’s very first release, BORDER: DAY ONE, and this parallel shows the group’s ongoing commitment to finding their own identity and making their own way!

ENHYPEN narrate over the opening and closing tracks in Korean, Japanese, and English – three languages that various members speak fluently. The entire album cements the group’s determination to proclaim their identity, and that couldn’t be more clear here. The narration also asserts their desire to carve out their own path, with Jake saying in the opening track; “And I declare / That I who was hunted so far have now become the hunter.”

Is The ‘Future Perfect?’

Another step in ENHYPEN’s march towards the future is the expansion of their creativity! Member Jake co-wrote the lyrics for pop-punk infused track ‘SHOUT OUT,’ and dedicated the song to ENGENE too. If ENHYPEN are going to “draw [their] future” like they say in ‘Future Perfect,’ maybe we can hope to see more of this in ENHYPEN’s next chapter. Members, including eldest Heeseung, have spoken candidly about the group’s efforts to write and compose. We’re looking forward to seeing them continue to hone their craft!

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