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Here’s Why Taemin Is The Idol Of Your Idol (And Our Ultimate Bias)

Here’s Why Taemin Is The Idol Of Your Idol (And Our Ultimate Bias)

Well, here’s a challenging mission today: to talk about Taemin. Where do we even start? We don’t mean to be full of emotions, but Taemin has such a huge impact on us that no words could ever do him justice. He is that great, and we miss him so much that we’re counting down the days until we finally see where he belongs: the stage.

Our Taeminie has such a monumental influence on the K-Pop scene. He is K-Pop, and we’re not even exaggerating! Whether with SHINee or on his own, he masterfully handles his artist identity. We’ve never seen someone as gracious and delicate as him. He dances and sings like the angel he is. He’s nice, funny, creative, bold, and unique. On top of that, he’s handsome. We would be so jealous of him if we weren’t too busy loving him. Taemin is unbelievable. He looks like a dream. He’s our dream, and here’s why.

He Knows How To Move Us

Honestly, we can count the number of artists that can dance this well. Taemin will always and forever be our number one. They’re no words powerful enough to explain what we feel when we see him on stage.

He just catches us and doesn’t let us go. Even the way he walks is beautiful. That is unbelievable! So yes, to sum up, the way he moves is kinda ‘Criminal‘…

The Absolute Danger On Stage

We adore him with SHINee (since SHINee equals our life), but he also shines as a soloist. He’s among the most successful soloists in Korea (and in our hearts), and his albums are the dopest you’ll ever hear. 

No one in the K-Pop industry is bold enough to have a song called ‘Sexuality‘ or have pretty explicit choreographies like ‘Criminal,’ ‘MOVE,’ or the way too underrated ‘Tiger.’ We’re providing a lot of videos because our words aren’t enough to understand his greatness. Ok, the thumbnail is pretty impressive, but the video is even more unbelievable.

His discography is generous and multifaceted. Each album’s concept reflects his rich personality and witnesses his evolution. He uses outfits and visuals to emphasize his message and to create a whole experience. Being a music ace isn’t only about music, and he’s here to prove it.

His Free Spirit, He Doesn’t Need Advice To Stay How He Is

During their 14th anniversary meeting, 5HINee… Wait. We need to upload a pic.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Look at those kings! We’re sorry, but time goes by, and we’ve become more and more in love with them…WE MISS THEM. And yes, we’re shouting it. Ok, so we were saying that they gathered for their 14th anniversary, minus the star of the day, Taemin, to celebrate all those years spent singing together. Key said that the reason they’re still here is probably because of their madness. We would correct them by saying they’re still so loved thanks to their uniqueness. Their maknae is here to attest.

Taemin is Taemin. By that, we mean that he does Taemin things (to the point that being a Taemin should be a concept). He just lets himself be himself and basically does random funny stuff all the time. He spoils everything, reveals what he wants, and isn’t afraid of bickering with his own fans. There are so many iconic Taemin moments since he is iconic himself

They’re Two Kids In Him

No one believes that he’s shy after seeing him on stagebut you can see it when he handles his own schedule or with SuperM. To put it short, SuperM is Taemin and his fan club all singing, dancing, and having a blast together. And somehow, that God-status he has within the team seems to calm him down. Maybe he feels the need to be a reliable and serious human being. That’s how he ended up being called Mother Taem-Resa in Mtopia. He just acts like the purest soul out there, all dressed up and smiley, saying, for example that he never dated (in the so so funny SuperM prank camera at the florist). He can do anything, literally anything, and everyone will be ✨wooooahhh✨.

Don’t expect him to be like that with OnewJonghyun, Key, and Minho. With them, he’s a fiend, despite being the maknae. Even if his hyungs still take care of him, telling him to take it easy, or cook for him (maybe because he’s a kitchen disaster and has his own foodie tastes), he isn’t babysat by them. We bet SHINee members are always wondering, stressing out, and worrying about what’s the next crazy thing their maknae is gonna do. What a life they’re living…

He’s So Famous And A Model Of Perseverance

No matter how popular and successful he is, he’s still the most humble, down-to-earth person we know. He’s been in the industry since he was 14yo. Back then, he was already so professional, and old videos and performances are here to prove how he was able to handle a stage issue or anything that didn’t go the way he wanted. Today, he’s still an unwavering rock. He’s the role model of many of our fave idols: HoshiHaechanTaehyunTen, and much, much more… 

See Also

Taemin is the moment, and it’s impossible not to love him! We love seeing him well surrounded and enjoying his shining life with his besties KaiJiminRaviHa Sungwoon, and his bestie among besties: Kkong. We don’t know who is luckier.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

There are not enough words to express our gratitude. As he says himself, once you start to love him, well, there’s no exit then. We’re feeling grateful for being stuck in our Taemint life. Take care of yourself, our dear Taemin.

When did he become your bias? How are you celebrating his birthday? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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