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Xdinary Heroes Welcomes Us To Their World With ‘Test Me’

Xdinary Heroes Welcomes Us To Their World With ‘Test Me’

Xdinary Heroes debuted last December with ‘Happy Death Day’ and they’re finally back with not only ‘Test Me’ but also their first mini-album: Hello, world!. And we can wholeheartedly say that the wait was definitely worth it: Xdinary Heroes affirm their style and uniqueness in the industry with these five new extraordinary songs.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

‘Test Me’

Even if this is Xdinary Heroes’ first comeback, we can already see growth in their sound and style. ‘Test Me’ still has the same type of influences as ‘Happy Death Day‘ – pop, rock, and just the right pinch of punk. The song is so catchy, you’ll find yourself humming it and singing along without even realizing.

And the concept for ‘Test Me’ is something you shouldn’t miss out on – you can really tell how thought through everything was. The music video has such a fun storyline and it is so well executed. It is fun and quirky – just like the song.

We can firmly say that ‘Test Me’ was clearly worth the wait, and a definite step in the right direction for Xdinary Heroes.

Hello, world!

What’s even better about this first comeback is the mini-album as a whole. Hello, world! has, additionally to the title track and its instrumental, four songs that we can’t even begin to describe how good they are.

‘KNOCK DOWN’ has a slightly brighter tone to it compared to ‘Test Me.’ The combination of a satisfying pop melody in the pre-chorus followed by an amazing anti-drop makes the song hit just the right strings. The third track, ‘Sucker Punch!,’ is a fun rock song that makes you want to headbang to it. And its bridge is simply incredible.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

Contrary to what one might assume by its name, ‘Strawberry Cake’ gives off a much darker energy, it is intriguing and creates a truly unique atmosphere. The build-up in the pre-chorus is so satisfying to hear and it leads to a chorus that goes hard, to say the least, with an amazing bass line and striking vocals. It’s a truly unique song that shows their talent as musicians, vocalists, and songwriters.

‘Pirates’ truly sets itself apart from the other songs, with a much calmer atmosphere. The instrumental makes the song a hidden gem, and its amazing melodies make it so addictive. There’s something about this song that is truly special, and the perfect song to close off Hello, world!.

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Image source: JYP Entertainment

The atmosphere all these songs create is something that hasn’t been seen in K-Pop yet, and it makes us all the more excited to see what Xdinary Heroes comes up with next.

What are your thoughts on ‘Test Me?’ What’s your favorite song on Hello, world!? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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