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5 Songs We Need In LOONA’s Tour Setlist

5 Songs We Need In LOONA’s Tour Setlist

LOONA is getting ready for their first ever World Tour, LOONATHEWORLD, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. First, going to the US, then to Europe, the girls are bringing their amazing talent to us, and here are some songs we just need to see live during this tour!

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‘Need U’

Out of their newest mini-album, ‘Need U’ is one of our favorite b-sides in Flip That. It hasn’t been performed yet, but the safe place it inspires with its beautiful melodies makes it one of those LOONA songs we just need live. ‘Need U’ is already a beautiful song, but live it would bring it to a whole other level as it truly represents the strong bond between LOONA and Orbits – and what best way to showcase it than in their world tour? 


This might be one of their older b-sides, but it still holds as one of LOONA‘s most memorable b-sides. ‘Curiosity’ is in many ways representative of everything we love about the early LOONA sound, and having this mixture between older songs and newer ones would be simply amazing.


LOONA blew us all away with the release of ‘POSE’ as their song for the Queendom 2 finale. Just the song itself showed a new side of them, but its performance made it even more insanely good. To see this song performed live would simply be incredible. This song is just too good to be performed only once. 

‘Hide & Seek’

This is a b-side we just haven’t been able to stop thinking about since its release. And yes, this is a stretch because it has never been performed live in almost two years after its release – but we need it. ‘Hide & Seek‘ has the perfect upbeat, fun energy to get everyone hyped, and it even has a bridge that is just perfect for a break dance. We need LOONA to sing it live on their tour, and we need a performance because we just know it would be incredible.


And, of course: a classic. LOONA has many iconic songs – one could argue everything they do is iconic. However, there’s something really special about ‘Butterfly.’ The choreography, the vocals, the energy of the song – seeing this live on their world tour would simply be amazing. This is LOONA at their best, and we could never get enough of ‘Butterfly.’

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Do you agree with our picks? What song do you want to see LOONA perform in their first world tour? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram?

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