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Exclusive Interview: Greyed Out

Exclusive Interview: Greyed Out

It is in fact a personal mission of ours here at THP to turn everyone into a pop-punk fan. Even if it’s just one band, we want you all to experience the joys of finger-pointing along to your favorite pop-punk track. And you know what, why shouldn’t that band be Greyed Out? The five-piece, Bay Area-based band was kind enough to chat with us about their music and we’re so stoked to share it with you!

Be sure to check out their tracks ‘No Dice’ and ‘Broken Like An Arrow.’

Hi, welcome to The Honey POP! We’re so glad to have you here! For our readers who don’t know who you are, can you introduce yourself?
My name is Pete and I sing for Greyed Out. Greyed Out is a melodic pop punk band from the East Bay, California. Thank you for the time, much appreciated. 

Let’s start off with a fun question: have you ever crowd surfed at a show and if so was there a favorite? 
Yes. My old band played with Trapped Under Ice and Bad Seed at the Magic Stick in Detroit. I’m sure there is a video out there somewhere. 

Who are some of your musical influences and inspirations? 
Saves The Day, Hatebreed, and Hum.  

Your latest release ‘Broken Like An Arrow’ is about solitude and being comfortable with an uncomfortable feeling, was there a personal journey behind that track?
Yes. I lived in China for a while. I didn’t know anyone when I first moved there, which was pretty jarring. After a bit, I learned the language, earned a living, and did some solo traveling. It was a great experience. I think everyone feels that way the first time they carve out their own piece of the world.

What message do you want fans to take away from ‘Broken Like An Arrow’ and from your music as a whole? 
Jump in the deep end and find out.

What’s the music scene like where you all are from and how did that play into the music you make now?
The Bay Area has a very significant hardcore punk scene. We all came up going to hardcore shows. Heavy Bay Area influences include For The Crown, Killing The Dream, Allegiance, Lights Out, Time For Living, Hoods, First Blood, etc. In fact, all of us were in hardcore bands before we started Greyed Out. Other bands Like AFI, Rancid, and Green Day were also pretty influential, as well. Greyed Out definitely leans more melodic but all of us have an appreciation for Bay Area hardcore. 

Can we expect you guys to hit the road for a tour any time soon? What’s your dream tour lineup? 
We definitely want to build a solid base in California and play as many shows as we can. Until then, stay tuned.

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What’s it like working with Negative Progression Records and being a part of that label? 
Aces all around. Negative Progression came to us just a couple months after we recorded ‘Broken Like an Arrow’ and ‘No Dice.’ It was just perfect timing. Seth is a great dude and shares the same vision as we do. Moreover, Negative Progression has put out a ton of great bands most of us grew up listening to. It’s a privilege to be a part of NP and we’re all looking forward to our relationship together. 

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Pop punk and hardcore music seem to be making a comeback, what do you think about how it seems to be influencing music for a new generation lately?
Once COVID hit, I think a lot of really creative people had ample time to reflect and write. It’s obviously produced some pretty incredible new releases. To be honest, hardcore and punk have always been around. It’s just getting better.

We love sharing artists with our readers, so who are some artists you’ve been loving lately?
Speed, Never Ending Game, Silktail, Present, and Life’s Question are a few new(ish) bands I’ve been really into lately. As far as friends go, please check out Supergloom. Brett has been making some pretty incredible solo music as of late and this is probably his best work so far. Highly recommend.

Don’t mind us we’re just adding some of these recommendations to our list because we’re always on the lookout for new pop punk to get into. Big shoutout to Greyed Out for taking the time to chat with us. What did you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter or our other socials, we’re always buzzing about something!

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