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Binge-Worthy Buzz: You’ll Love This One

Binge-Worthy Buzz: You’ll Love This One

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Hello there, honeybees, how you doin’? We are once again back here for another edition of Binge-Worthy Buzz, our weekly series where we bring you a new list of recommendations so you don’t have to find things to watch on your own. Shall we get started, then?

Thirteen Lives

There’s a new Ron Howard success in town, and her name is Thirteen Lives! The movie recounts the true events of 2018 when multiple people came together in order to rescue a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave for 18 days.

We remember following this story in the news back in the day, but if you hadn’t heard of it, here’s what happened: the soccer team was in the Tham Luang cave when a rainstorm started out of nowhere. After that, a team of skilled divers from all over the world, along with 10,000 volunteers, came together to get the 12 players and their coach out of there. The world held their collective breath when this happened, and there’s no doubt we’ll do it again watching the movie when it comes to Amazon Prime on August 5.

Post Malone: Runaway

Amazon Freevee’s latest announcement got us shaking with excitement. Post Malone: Runaway was filmed during his Runaway tour, only a few weeks before COVID-19 forced everyone back inside their homes, the movie gives us some backstage moments of his North American tour.

We can’t wait for August 12, when we’ll get a whole hour of Post Malone and his team during the rock star’s first arena tour. And we’re getting the whole package too, backstage access, live performances, and interviews and more interviews. We’re being fed, people!


What would you say if we said this week’s list includes a sort of sci-fi movie not set in the future, but in the past? Yep, you read that right. Prey takes place 300 years ago, in the Comanche Nation, and our protagonist is Naru, a young warrior. After years of being surrounded by great hunters, she can’t help but have the same instinct to protect her people when danger comes knocking. Naturally, she decides to go see what’s up and protect her people. But, as any good sci-fi story goes, she finds something she definitely did not expect.

She goes hunting for whatever it is that’s terrifying her people, but what she ends up finding is… surprising to say the least. The prey she’s been hunting isn’t an animal or a human, it’s an alien. Yep, we said what we said, an alien. And not any alien, oh no, that’d be too easy. This is a highly evolved predator with an arsenal full of stuff Naru has never seen before, to be exact. This new discovery leads to a brutal confrontation between a woman fighting to protect her people and a predator whose only goal in life is to find its next victim. Prey is one of those stories where before you even watch it, you know it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish because the whole time we’ll be wondering “how is a human going to win against a being who’s apparently superior in almost every aspect?” Friday can’t come soon enough for us to watch this on Hulu.

Reservation Dogs

Half an hour. That’s how long Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo need to make you laugh with each new episode of their latest creation: Reservation Dogs. Our main characters are four Indigenous teens: Elora, Bear, Willie Jack, and Cheese, who belong to a gang named Reservation Dogs. Everything is fine, everything is great… until their fifth member dies and that throws a wrench in what seemed like a perfect life for them. We won’t tell you what happened, but that’s the point when things get a little shaken up and the story actually starts. As a way to cope with their loss, the quartet decides to honor their friend’s dream of leaving Oklahoma behind forever and moving to California, but let’s just say they do so in less-than-legal ways.

But this wouldn’t be a compelling story (or even a Taika Waititi story) if things just went perfect, would it? After a relatively good start to their plan of skipping town, things start to go downhill for the Dogs and they split up. As the show goes along, we see what each member of the gang got up to on their own. The story is compelling and leaves us thirsty for more just based on synopsis, but what really sold us is the fact that these are teens truly acting like teens! They aren’t perfect and they make mistakes and say things they shouldn’t. Because that’s what teens do! In short, we’re so glad Reservation Dogs is currently available on Hulu.

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Honorable Mention: Hulu’s 90s Binge

We couldn’t finish this Binge-Worthy Buzz without talking about some of the most iconic 90s movies that are currently available on Hulu. From the retelling of Cinderella, a.k.a. Pretty Woman, to more comedic movies like The Wedding Singer, Hulu truly has the best rom-com catalog out there. Also worth mentioning is the beloved You’ve Got Mail, for all the hopeless romantics who love to see a couple fall in love under uncommon circumstances.

And to those who aren’t so romance-focused, there are also movies like Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray has to relive the same day over and over again; or maybe you’re more into movies like The Blair Witch Project, where we meet a trio of filmmakers who decide to make a movie about a local legend, the Blair Witch, and you can imagine how well that goes.

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And this marks the end of this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz. We hope you’ve enjoyed our selections and spend some time on your couch enjoying them. If you did, please tell us so on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. We always love to hear your thoughts!

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