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Maggie Lindemann New Single ‘self sabotage’ Is Incredible And Too Relatable

Maggie Lindemann New Single ‘self sabotage’ Is Incredible And Too Relatable

Maggie Lindemann has done it again and made another hit. Her new single ‘self sabotage’ is a ridiculously relatable song to anyone who has ever struggled with accepting the love that they truly deserve. While that is a super touchy and raw subject, Maggie knows how to turn it into a certified bop and that’s one of the things we adore most about her and her music.

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The song is about not allowing yourself to receive the love that you deserve. I crave a little bit of action in my life and when things are going too good, I tend to do something to test the pliancy of the positiveness.”

Maggie Lindemann

Stay Calm Guys The Album Is Officially Coming

As long time Maggie Lindemann stans, we are so excited to announce that ‘self sabotage’ is a single that is getting us prepared for Maggie’s debut album September 16th, 2022! We have been waiting our whole Maggie Lindemann stanning lives for this moment and it’s finally almost here! You can join The Honey POP crew and pre-order her debut album SUCKERPUNCH here!

What do we know about the album so far? We know that SUCKERPUNCH is going to be a collection of fifteen tracks all about Maggie and her self discovery following the obviously deserved success that came with her 2021 ep PARANOIA, which was absolutely life changing for not only Maggie but us as as fans of hers. We are also seeing some really talented features such as Siiickbrain, who we got a taste of on their collaboration ‘GASLIGHT!’, and the Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens.

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It’s the journey from being upset to being angry to being hopeful – a hopefulness I want listeners to know exists for them too.

Maggie Lindemann

Maggie And Her More Than Deserved Success

If you don’t know anything about Maggie Lindemann, don’t even worry because we adore her and will tell you everything you need to know. Maggie is an absolute star – not only does she have the most unique sound and a beautiful voice that sounds like warm honey, but she also is just super cool. Lindemann is so interactive with her fans on social media and it feels more like a friendship rather than the traditional artist and their fans closed off relationship.

Lindemann had a major sound switch up back in 2020. She originally had a super cute bubblegum pop vibe going for her and now she’s getting super raw with her pop rock featuring punk sound. She truly is the girl who can do both! But why the sound switch? She did it for herself and us! Maggie’s sound shifted because she wanted to align with her own musical inspirations and to motivate a generation of young women that are on the search for their own voices. She has full intentions of releasing her own music on her own under her label to be her true unfiltered and uncompromising self. That’s a super difficult and brave thing to do in this industry. She’s an incredible role model to look up to for women that want to break into the music industry.

Maggie has officially accumulated more than a billion streams since she began releasing music. Maggie shoots to overcome adversity that is placed on women in music. She wants to create music that speaks to her and not just some music executive at a label. Maggie has shown us a beautiful blend of vulnerability and power with her incredible songwriting. She is showing us nothing but honesty regarding anxieties, obsessions, and insecurities in her recent releases. Lindemann’s effort to be so open within her music is not only incredibly inspiring but extremely comforting and relatable.

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Stream Maggie Lindemann!

‘self sabotage’ has us way too excited for SUCKERPUNCH. The countdown to September 16th 2022 is among us and we are beyond ready. From being a style icon, incredible vocalist, and an extremely strong songwriter, we know Maggie is going to deliver.

Want to see Maggie Live? Maggie has also announced two pop-up shows in Los Angeles at The Moroccan Lounge on October 15 and in NYC at The Mercury Lounge on October 19. Tickets can be purchased here on her website.

What do you think about ‘self sabotage?’ Is there any lyrics that really resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter! And if you want more music recs, click here. We will show you a whole new world of music!

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