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Lewis Capaldi Has Given Us A Crumb!

Lewis Capaldi Has Given Us A Crumb!

Lewis Capaldi

For months we have been begging Lewis Capaldi to come back to us or at least feed us a crumb or two! We have missed not only his music but his sense of humor since his social media and music hiatus, and our world has seemed a little duller without him! We finally, FINALLY, have been given the smallest of crumbs and a newfound hope that our main squeeze is coming back to us!

While he hasn’t released new music (yet!), we are hopeful that Lewis will drop something super epic and emotional soon enough(please, bestie! We are groveling)! In the meantime, we have been given a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the ‘Someone You Loved’ music video with VEVO Footnotes, and let us tell you, it had us sobbing as much as the first time we watched the music video (maybe even more!). We adore all the thought, care, and emotion that was put into these visuals and have a better appreciation for it. Check out the video and a list of highlights from the video director below!

As you can see, VEVO Footnotes pop up at the bottom of the video, and just in case you aren’t a speed reader, don’t want to pause constantly, or just need a little assistance, we have listed out the footnotes in the highlights section below!

The Highlights

0:24– “The video’s concept came from conversations about young love: never feeling like you can fully let someone go,” – Ozzie Pullin, Director

0:30– “and the idea that the people that you surround yourself with eventually help you move forward.” – Ozzie Pullin, Director

The first person Lewis encounters is his brother, who pulls up from the bench. This was an almost perfect metaphor because family members are usually the first people to push you forward.

Ozzie Pullin, Director- 0:45

STOP IT! We are sobbing over this incredible moment!

1:03– “My main visual reference were the night scenes in Mike Leigh’s film ‘Naked’ – with David Thewlis’ character Johnny just wandering around alone.” – Ozzie Pullin, Director

1:25– “We shot at the amazing 3 Mills Studios, where they have shot some of the biggest British films. This allowed us to have complete control of the entire street, even lighting from windows in the houses surrounding it.” – Ozzie Pullin, Director

We were shooting on 35mm film, so we couldn’t over-shoot. Nailing the first couple of takes for each scene and knowing that we had to then move on was the most difficult part of making this video.

Ozzie Pullin, Director- 1:45

THE TALENT! That is extremely impressive, and we are in awe of Ozzie, Lewis, and all the actors!

2:05– “The long take at the end was actually never meant to be that long.” Ozzie Pullin, Director

2:10– “Initially, I shot intimate, emotional close-ups of each character that had stopped Lewis from going back to the girl,” Ozzie Pullin, Director

2:15– “But overall, we felt that just holding on Lewis packed a bigger punch.” – Ozzie Pullin, Director

See Also

My favorite moment was the emotional end scene. Lewis stood looking past the camera and through the crowd of people, only to reveal no one was physically standing in front of him.

Ozzie Pullin, Director- 2:30

That was the moment our goosebumps intensified! ICONIC!

2:45– “It’s a small detail, but I love the close-up of Lewis at the end. I felt that even though Lewis isn’t an actor, with that one look, he nailed that reaction and summarized the feeling of the song.” – Ozzie Pullin, Director

We are speechless! Everything about this music video was flawless the first time we watched it, and we find it even more perfect now that we’ve gotten a little inside look behind the scenes! We are overjoyed to have Lewis coming back to us, and we are crossing all the things for new Lewis music sooner rather than later!

What is your favorite part of the ‘Someone You Loved’ music video? What was your favorite thing to learn about the making of the video? Did you miss Lewis Capaldi as much as we did? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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