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Magic Man Is Everything We Have Been Waiting For

Magic Man Is Everything We Have Been Waiting For

Magic Man

Jackson Wang is bringing the ✨musical magic✨ with his sophomore album Magic Man. This new album is full of chill vibes and honest truths. Magic Man has a lot of alternative and rock elements in the tracks, but there are a bit of R&B and Pop elements as well, which is a nice touch. Surprisingly, there are no features on this album, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing because Jackson is amazing all on his own. The album consists of 10 songs, so you can sit and vibe to the entire album in just 27 minutes. If you want a physical copy of Magic Man, you can purchase the album here.

Music Videos

There are several music and lyric videos for fans to enjoy, which is really exciting if you are more of a visual person! Jackson really went all out for this album, and you can check out some of the videos for Magic Man below.

The music video for ‘Blow’ was a cultural reset! The concept and style of the music video will truly blow you away 😉. Jackson shows his sexy side in this video, and the diversity of actors is a breath of fresh air. It also feels as if you are watching a movie and leaves you wanting more when the video ends.

The CGI in the music video for ‘Cruel’ is nothing short of amazing. Jackson really knows how to portray a story in his music videos, and we honestly think he should pursue some acting roles! It is cool to see the chemistry between Jackson and the other dancer; you cannot take your eyes off them when they dance together. Also, any excuse to see Jackson without a shirt on is always a valid reason to watch something.

This music video is simply breathtaking. Gold is definitely Jackson’s color, and he just looks so elegant and delicate in this video. The water was a perfect addition to the music video, and the different elements really help you understand the emotion behind the lyrics in ‘Blue.’


If you love Magic Man so much that you want some merch inspired by the album, there are several options for you to choose from! Some merch packages come with the album while others do not, but one thing for certain is that you will want to purchase merch quickly because it is selling out fast!


Jackson has put in a lot of effort to promote Magic Man, so you can really tell how much it means to him. He has gone on talk shows to promote the album, and he even scheduled meet and greets in California and New York that quickly sold out.

Before its release, Jackson recently went on Twitter Spaces to speak with fans about Magic Man. When talking to fans, he gave insight into the meaning and intention behind some of the songs on the album. Jackson shared that some of the songs on Magic Man are about the “hills and valleys” that he went through. He also shared that his songs address the struggles he has faced mentally and physically. It is clear that he gets vulnerable and expresses his true feelings on the album, so definitely give it a close listen.

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Jackson also alluded to wanting to go on tour, but if that cannot happen, he said he wants to go to everyone’s house to meet them (we love his optimism 😂). We definitely would love to see Mr. Wang on tour. But if it doesn’t work out, it’s a win-win for fans if he can make more meet and greets happen instead!

What is your favorite song on Magic Man? Tweet us @thehoneypop or leave a comment to let us know!

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