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Exploring Love And Admiration Through BTS’ Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’

Exploring Love And Admiration Through BTS’ Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’

Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ is such a masterpiece in so many ways: from marking the beginning of the Love Yourself series to BTS‘ first entry on Billboard Hot 100 with DNA and so many iconic hits and performances. To celebrate how much we love these incredible tracks, we compiled our favorite ways in which this amazing comeback has expressed love through different themes!

‘Intro: Serendipity,’ Fate, And Salvation

As much as my heart flutters, I’m afraid because the destiny keeps getting jealous of us…

Intro: Serendipity‘ is one of the most romantic tracks we’ve ever heard. Jimin’s vocals are perfect, sending us through this journey of being so infatuated with someone that it makes your existence make sense. A unique love that only fate is able to describe. Opening Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ with this track gives us a sneak peek of the themes discussed in this comeback, and it’s such a comfort song to listen to when we need it the most. The perfect combination of delicacy and meaningfulness. We’re forever grateful for living at the same time as this beautiful tune.

You’re my penicillin that saved me, my angel, my world…

‘DNA’ And Destiny

The evidence of destiny given to me, you’re the source of my dream…

Not only is ‘DNA‘ one of the most iconic BTS title tracks, but it’s also composed of romantic lyrics, associating love with destiny and permanence. Exploring how we’re together in every past life, present, and future. ‘DNA’ is the perfect example of how BTS’ artistry develops through their lyrics and how looking into them gives you the dedication they build on every track. This song is such a fun tune, bringing a bright meaning to human connection.

The DNA in my blood vessel tells me that it’s you that I’ve been looking all over for…

‘Best Of Me’ And Loyalty

You’re my savior, you’re my window, you’re everything I need…

Best Of Me‘ focuses on being there for someone you love deeply. Even when times seem uncertain, your love will remain untouched. There are so many incredible verses in this track, with many poetic ways of expressing your trust and reliance on someone and how your world can entirely change with the right person by your side. Everything can be crumbling down, but only one sentence can make you feel like living is worth it.

When you say that you love me, I walk on the sky, tell me about forever, just one more time…

‘Dimple’ And Falling In Love With The Little Things

Were they a mistake left by an angel, or were they a deep kiss…

Dimple‘ expresses how something as small as dimples could make you be head over heels for someone. This song perfectly explains how your favorite smile can make you question if it’s even legal to conquer your heart with that shining beauty. If you have dimples, these lyrics will make you love them even more! You will be aware of the power that you hold with your precious smile. This track is one of our favorites from BTS’ entire discography. It’s so good!

Actually, what is really dangerous is something only you have…”

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‘Outro: Her’ And Vulnerability

Have I realized that I’m a book since I’ve met you? Or is it that you’ve turned the pages of my book?

Outro: Her‘ is a masterpiece. It includes many incredible lyrics with multiple interpretations, and it’s a perfect connection to introduce the next chapter of the Love Yourself series: Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear.’ The three verses also tie into meaning with the different chapters from this series. This song shows vulnerability and understanding of the different manifestations of love. Love can make you change unexpectedly in ways you didn’t predict. BTS’ rapline continues to leave us speechless with their artistry, and this one is an example of how much their lyrics mean to us.

This night that finds new meaning and light from your existence, I know that even if the darkness ends, you’re my morning, you woke me up…

Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ continues to hold an incredible meaning to ARMYs, and we’re so grateful to be able to honor BTS’ lyricism through the tracks of this beautiful comeback. We get goosebumps every time!

What’s your favorite lyric from Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’? Did we miss any that you love? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below or hop over to our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. And for more coverage on our seven geniuses, click here!


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