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Our Love For Harry Styles Is Still As Big ‘As It Was’

Our Love For Harry Styles Is Still As Big ‘As It Was’

Harry Styles is the king of our hearts here at The Honey POP. So seeing ‘As It Was‘ in the Billboard Hot 100 top 3 every week since its drop has felt absolutely right for us. Not only has it spent 24 weeks in the top three, but it’s held 14 weeks at #1! I mean, as Mr. Styles should be, but adding the fourth longest top 100 reign to his list of records as well as the longest solo #1 track??? We just want to know, what can’t Harry Styles do?

So we thought, what better way to celebrate Harry’s record-shattering success, than by listing some other songs of his that are further evidence of his pure, raw talent? With that being said, here are 6 other Harry tracks that make us feel weak at the knees, absolutely feral, and everything in between.

‘Sunflower Vol. 6’

If there’s one thing we can get behind, it’s a lovestruck maladaptive daydream. And this track gives us the perfect track to do our little dancey-dance to while we get lost in the beauty of what could be. “Kiss in the kitchen like it’s a dance floor,
I couldn’t want you anymore tonight.”

‘Keep Driving’

Harry Styles has proven a lot of things during his solo career, but one is the way he can tell a story with a song. This track paints a story of lovers at a major turning point in their relationship. It’s about the moment when you know things are not working out, but you consider ignoring it and pushing on because letting go is just too hard. “Maple syrup, coffee, Pancakes for two, Hash brown, egg yolk, I will always love you.”

‘Two Ghosts’

Falling in love is beautiful. Falling out of love is brutal. This track depicts seeing a past lover after spending time apart post-breakup. It expresses the way it feels to look at someone you used to know inside and out and see a stranger instead. “We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty, Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat.”

‘To Be So Lonely’

You might be thinking, isn’t this the one where he’s begging his ex to take him back and saying it “wasn’t actually his fault“??? Yes, yes, it is, and oh my god, is it a bop. The lightness of the song combated with the intensity of the loneliness Harry depicts just hits. “Don’t call me baby again, It’s hard for me to go home, Be so lonely.”

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It’s so hard watching someone you love get hurt by things they aren’t ready to talk about. It’s a combination of frustration because you know you can at least support them, but understanding because you love them and respect their needs, even if they don’t make sense to you. “I can see you’re lonely down there. Don’t you know that I am right here?.”

What songs of Harry’s do you listen to daily to maintain your mental health? Let us know in the comments below! Or let us know by sending us a tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or on Instagram and Facebook!


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