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HOLY FVCK, Demi’s On Tour!

HOLY FVCK, Demi’s On Tour!

HOLY FVCK, the album, made us churn and burn, and boy, are we ready for this tour! The HOLY FVCK Tour kicked off on September 23rd in Sacramento, CA. This is Demi’s first tour in four years, honoring their 8th studio album. The album truly is a masterpiece! We already knew that Demi Lovato is a talent like no other. For more than a decade, they have been blessing our ears to m u s i c.

To celebrate the beginning of their new tour, we wanted to take you on a tour of some of their most iconic songs from the past decade or so!

Source: I Love Me Gif by Demi Lovato

Heart Attack

From the album Demi, ‘Heart Attack’ is the perfect song to listen to when you just want to get into a groovy mood. Impossible not to sing along to, ‘Heart Attack’ remains to be such an iconic song from Demi Lovato’s discography.

‘Give Your Heart A Break’

Demi knows how to write a song that is sad but also fun! You can listen to ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ in every mood and feel something totally different everytime. Also, the bridge in this song just takes our breath away!

‘Don’t Forget’

Possibly one of the saddest songs from Demi’s discography, ‘Don’t Forget,’ stands the test of time. This song also shows Demi’s vocal range really well! Looking for some sad and rock ‘n’ roll? This is the track for you!

‘Here We Go Again’

This is one of the best songs for a spontaneous bedroom dance party! Demi was rock ‘n’ roll from the very beginning. In this music video, it’s so easy to see how amazing of a performer they have always been. Just from this, we can tell that the tour will be extremely fun! 

‘This is Me’

We saved the best for last! How can we possibly forget about one of the most iconic Disney Channel moments? Who didn’t dream of going to a Rock Camp after watching Camp Rock? One of the most popular DCOM songs ever, ‘This Is Me,’ takes us back to the good old days. If you haven’t listened to this in a while, this is your sign!

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You can buy the HOLY FVCK album and merch here, and get your tickets for the HOLY FVCK Tour here.

How excited are you for the tour? What is your favorite song off of HOLY FVCK? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! Leave your comments below and share it with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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