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4 Reasons Why WayV’s Hendery Will Wreck Your Bias List

4 Reasons Why WayV’s Hendery Will Wreck Your Bias List

Debuting with WayV in 2019 and stunning us all with his flawless visuals and impeccable performing skills, Hendery is easily one of the biggest threats to our bias list within NCT. Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether your bias is Haechan, Mark, Ten, or Jenono bias is safe when Hendery is around.

So, while it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to five, we’re here today to give you a few reasons as to why Hendery will definitely wreck your bias list. 

His Rapping

This may seem obvious, but Hendery will definitely wreck your bias list with his insane rap skills. When delivering his lines, Hendery uses his sharp and powerful flow to give NCTzens a verse they will never forget. Our favorite Hendery verses include his verses in ‘Nectar,’ ‘Work It,’ and ‘Take Off,’ but we think the verses that will firmly place Hendery into your bias list will be his verses in ‘Turn Back Time,’ ‘Only Human,’ and ‘Misfit.’ We personally think Hendery’s parts in these songs were absolutely iconic and they certainly managed to wreck our bias lists. 

His Sense of Humor

As a collective, NCT is well-known for being one of the funniest K-pop groups and Hendery is certainly no exception. Hendery has a super goofy and funny sense of humor and he truly never lets us forget that. From his often quirky Instagram posts to the way he makes us cry-laugh in the Way-Variety videos, we adore Hendery’s sense of humor. We think his sense of humor was best highlighted when the WayV members dressed up as Princesses for WinWin’s birthday. This video is essential viewing for any NCTzen but you will be in severe pain from laughing too much. You can’t say we didn’t warn you!

Hendery’s Vocals

As well as being an incredible rapper, Hendery is also a really good vocalist! While his rap style is powerful and sharp, Hendery’s vocals are soft and angelic, blessing our ears in songs like ‘Let Me Love You’ and ‘All About You.’ While it’s certainly not as common as his rap parts, we simply adore the times when Hendery gets to sing in NCT/Wayv songs and would love if he someday got a solo SM Station for him to fully show off his vocal capabilities. Our favorite songs that feature Hendery vocals are ‘Electric Hearts’ and ‘King of Hearts.’ Honestly, his range never fails to impress us.

His Relationships With The Other Members

Because of his friendly and funny personality, Hendery gets along very well with all of the other members of NCT. Obviously, he and the WayV members have a super close relationship, but we also really love his friendships with NCT members like Haechan and Johnny. You can see Haechan and Hendery’s relationship pretty well in the ‘It’s Awkward But It’s Okay’ video that they both featured in, while Hendery’s friendship with Johnny can be seen in literally any video of the two of them from the NCT Resonance Pt. 2 era when they were promoting ‘Work It’ together. If we somehow haven’t convinced you yet, then Hendery’s friendships within the group and the way he interacts with the other members is sure to wreck your bias list!

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