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Exclusive Interview: Havanna Winter Talks ‘Heaven To Me’ And More

Exclusive Interview: Havanna Winter Talks ‘Heaven To Me’ And More

Hello, fellow Zoomers! If you are as obsessed with TikTok as we are. We are pretty sure you have stumbled upon up-and-coming singer Havanna Winter! The young artist just dropped her second single ‘Heaven To Me’ along with a stunning music video!

But fear not if Havanna slipped past you because we got to interview the young singer about her music, upcoming projects, and much more. So keep scrolling!

Hi Havanna! It’s a pleasure to get to talk to you! How does it feel to finally be able to release your music, along with the music videos?
It’s a pleasure talking to you too! It feels amazing!! It’s so fun to film the music videos and create magic in the studio so I’m very glad that I finally get to share with everyone what I love doing.

What has your proudest moment been so far?
I’m really proud of releasing my first two singles.

‘Heaven To Me’ is your newest single, and we love how it has the potential to make every road trip better. The writing credits for this song are impressive. How does it feel to have been able to work with writers who have written for such big names?
Aww, I love that! It’s a lot of fun! They’re crazy talented and really fun to work with.

If you could choose a TV show to feature ‘Heaven To Me’ on the soundtrack, which one would it be and why?
That’s a good question! I would say Gossip Girl would be a good fit because Blair Waldorf is in love with Chuck Bass even though he’s a manipulator and cheated on Blair, but she’s still in love with him.

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Besides making music and being creative, what is Havanna Winter’s personal heaven?
Going to the beach with the people I love and just honestly chilling on my rooftop and painting and listening to music.

What do you do to relax?
I love watching movies with my mom or my best friend.

You are one of the many talents coming out of TikTok, and we love how this platform has offered many people the chance to finally pursue their dreams. Do you have any tips regarding TikTok for us to make it big?
Just be yourself and have fun and post regularly. 🙂

You grew up in Norway, which is a beautiful country, and then later in life moved to the US. Did you find any similarities between the two countries? What is the biggest difference between them?
Norway is more grounded and feels more safe and calm, and here in the US there’s always something new and exciting every day. Those are the biggest differences.

If you had the opportunity to sing a song in Norweigian, what would it be about? What would the title be?
I would probably want to sing about the differences between Norway and the US and the title would probably be ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ haha.

If ‘rain rain go away’ and ‘Heaven to Me’ would meet, what would these two songs talk about?
‘rain rain go away’ would explain to ‘Heaven To Me’ about the realities of life.

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Out of the two singles you have released so far, what is your favorite lyric?
My favorite lyric from ‘rain rain go away’ would probably be “They can run but they can not hide, ’cause I’ve been running all my damned life” because it’s so vampire-y and cool, and from ‘Heaven To Me’ it would probably be “Like a holy bandit, took my heart and branded your name onto me.

If your music had to represent a color which one would it be and why?
I think every song would have a different color. ‘Heaven To Me’ is definitely pink and ‘rain rain go away’ would probably be dark red or black.

And lastly, with two amazing singles already under your name, can you tell us what’s next for Havanna Winter? Is there an album in the works?
There will be two more songs coming out this year and my album is coming out next year. 🙂

We are absolutely pumped for more Havanna Winter music, how about you? Which of the two singles we’ve gotten so far do you like the most? What do you think about ‘Heaven To Me?’ Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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