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Our Five Favorite Jeonghan Moments From Going Seventeen

Our Five Favorite Jeonghan Moments From Going Seventeen

Since he is known for being a bit of a trickster and a bit of a cheater (*cough* a huge cheater *cough*) whenever Seventeen is playing games or competing against each other, Jeonghan always gives us iconic Going Seventeen moments. From sabotaging his members to pranking them, Jeonghan is always so entertaining. So, we’re here today to round up a few of our favorite Going Seventeen Jeonghan moments!

Splashing Joshua With Water

Now, while we love every episode of Going Seventeen, we think that this may be one of the funniest episodes to date. The concept of this episode was that there would be one member leading the other twelve who would then copy all of the leading member’s actions. For instance, when the member at the front lays down, the other twelve had to follow suit. Sounds simple, right? Well, it was, until the members decided it was time to have some fun with this concept.

Some members like DK and THE8 decided to tire out their other members by doing cartwheels and dancing around with a small drum (iconic), whereas Jeonghan decided that this was the perfect opportunity to prank the member behind him. This prank, unfortunately, fell on poor Joshua, getting splashed with water by Jeonghan twice! While we did feel bad for Joshua as he dripped water throughout the rest of the episode, we couldn’t help but cackle laughs at Jeonghan’s prank.

Sabotaging Dino During a Race

As we said earlier, Jeonghan is well known for being a cheater in Going Seventeen. One of the funniest Jeonghan cheating moments that we could think of was when he sabotaged Dino during their race on the inflatable obstacle course. Despite agreeing to play fair before they got on the track, Jeonghan still tried to pull Dino down and get in his way throughout the race. Even after calling a truce and managing to overtake Dino, Jeonghan still tried to get in the maknae’s way and stop him from winning. Jeonghan, of course, eventually won the race and gave us one of the funniest races in the episode.

That Time Jeonghan Joined The Rap Line as ‘Yoonzino’

During the 2020 TTT episode of Going Seventeen, we saw the members play a variety of drinking games, play an odd soccer and volleyball hybrid, and do karaoke. It was during the karaoke portion of the episode that we saw Jeonghan debut as a rapper and we, honestly, haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Using the name Yoonzino, Jeonghan covered Beenzino’s 2012 song ‘Aqua Man’ and did so in a way that was entertaining but also really quite good.

This whole episode is one of our favorites from Going Seventeen, giving us iconic moments like drunk Hoshi and Seungkwan’s cover of TWICE’s ‘Ooh-Ahh.’ It’s truly a memorable episode of Going Seventeen and we highly recommend it. We saw Jeonghan take on the Yoonzino persona again during the 2021 CARATLAND fan meeting when the vocal line became rappers for one performance. If Jeonghan ever decides to debut as a rapper then just know it will be all that we talk about for a very long time. 

Jeonghan’s Tactical Game of Tag

Two 2019 episodes of Going Seventeen saw the members play a variety of playground games that they played when they were younger. The first of these games was an eyes-closed version of tag, further complicated by the fact that they were playing on slides, rope bridges, and other pieces of playground apparatus. Jeonghan played this game very tactically and it made for a super fun episode. The members added a rule where they could open their eyes three times while playing, and Jeonghan used this opportunity to strike fear into his members, chasing S.Coups around a tree and making DK hide behind a cameraman. He also later narrowly escaped being captured by Mingyu, calling him over before cheekily sliding down the slide and winning the game. This episode was so much fun and it made us really want to play playground games with Seventeen.

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Jeonghan The ‘Pharmacist’

Seventeen playing the mafia game is always iconic, but nothing will ever be more iconic and funny than the ‘Don’t Lie III’ episode in 2021. These episodes are always so chaotic, usually due to Hoshi’s hilarious accusations and attempts to figure out everyone’s roles. While he is often incorrect, it always makes for a hilarious episode. However, in this installment of ‘Don’t Lie,’ we saw Jeonghan add to the chaos by pretending to be a pharmacist. Now, as we’re sure a lot of you know, the pharmacist is not a real role that you can have in a game of mafia. Jeonghan managed to convince both the members and viewers that he had this role, however, by planting a series of notes around the building they were filming in. This was so funny to watch and became even funnier when we found out that Jeonghan wasn’t even the mafia and did this simply to create chaos. Classic Jeonghan!

So, what are your favorite Jeonghan moments from Going Seventeen? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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