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5 Lyrics from Girl in Red’s ‘October Passed Me By’ to Scream on the Highway

5 Lyrics from Girl in Red’s ‘October Passed Me By’ to Scream on the Highway

In 2018 Girl in Red released ‘We Fell in Love in October,’ and ever since, fans have declared the months of August to October Girl in Red season. The song trends on TikTok every Autumn, and this past month it re-entered the Spotify 100. The queer icon, named by Paper, released a stand-alone song ‘October Passed Me By’ on October 14, 2022, as a sequel to the beloved single.

Marie Ulven Ringheim is a Norwegian indie rock singer-songwriter known to the world as Girl in Red. With two EPs and an album released with AWAL under her belt, fans were waiting to see what was next for the artist.

Her newest single is a thank you to the fans. Girl in Red didn’t initially sit down to expand on what she refers to as the ‘We Fell in Love in October’ universe. However, after navigating the rollercoaster of emotions of being in love, she felt she had feelings “to confront internally.”

In 2021, she began working with Aaron Dessner and Matias Tellez to record, produce, and finalize the song. Working virtually with Dessner the first time was a lot, but Marie says the entire song describes “where [she’s] at today, emotionally and musically.”

‘October Passed Me By’ is a lyrical masterpiece and is paired with stunning visuals in the accompanying short film. So much so that we have compiled our 5 favorite lyrics from the single to share with you.

“October passed me by just like any month / but I still think of the times you took my breath out of my lungs”

We mean… is there a better opening verse?

In ‘We Fell…’, love is synonymous with October. The characters are at the height of their relationship. Something new and exciting is happening during the fall, which is usually connected to the change of seasons and the end of the year. When Girl in Red sings about October passing her by, she equates to the normalcy and simplicity of things. She has moved on, but that doesn’t mean she never thinks of this past relationship.

“I got bitter when you got cold”

Again, Girl in Red is comparing the relationship to the autumn season. When the person she loved so much became distant and cold, she started to resent their connection. In the short film, the character is shown as disconnected from the world around them. It is almost as if they are stuck remembering the past instead of living in the present.

“You know this song is about you, who else could it be / You were the first to make me feel like I was me”

This line breaks our hearts. It has “first love” and “right person, wrong time” threaded through it. Not only was this person the first to make them feel comfortable, but it made them feel seen. That is something you hold onto forever. Marie can move on and have successful relationships because of this level of understanding she had with her first love. They would not be the same without them.

Image Source: Jonathan Kise

“I met you at the wrong time, didn’t wanna see / I was busy with the stars, you were looking at me”

This line confirms that the narrator thinks of this person as the end-all, be-all. They feel as if they had met at a different time in their lives, perhaps now, that it would work out. She also blames herself when she says, “I was busy with the stars.” She was not focused enough on their relationship and did not put in the effort needed. If you relate, you feel as if you could go back and change one thing; everything would be different now. It is haunting to feel this way, but it all happens for a reason.

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“I made you my whole world”

In ‘We Fell…’, Girl in Red sings, “My world, my world, my world / you will be my girl.” In this new single, she says, “I made you my whole world.” This can be taken in many ways. One perspective is that she gave this person everything and took this leap, only to end up alone.

You may argue that she was promising that they would be hers. She was willing to make them the center of her attention but fell short. It is only in the future, after they are no longer together, that she makes this person her “whole world.”

Image Source: Jonathan Kise via DIY Mag

Loved this? Make sure you check out Girl in Red’s new single ‘October Passed Me By.’ As well as the short film of the same name on YouTube and all major streaming services.

What are some of your favorite lyrics? We would love to know! You can leave us a comment or tag us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP to get the conversation going.


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