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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Casi Joy Brings Infectious Energy AND Music!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Casi Joy Brings Infectious Energy AND Music!

Casi Joy

We’re not even trying to be punny when we say this, but Casi joy is an absolute joy! Okay, maybe we are trying to be a little punny, but it doesn’t make the statement any less true! Casi is a gem of a human AND an exceptional artist!

Not only is her music infectious, but so is her personality, and she shines bright in every aspect of her life. After having been a contestant on The Voice (where she got a four-chair turn during her audition), Casi has taken her career to the next level! She has opened up for some of the biggest names in country music, such as Maren Morris and Carly Pearce! She deserves every bit of the success she’s received so far and much, much more!

Check out her latest single and video if you don’t believe us! ‘Business Of Breaking Up’ is a song that is beautifully sad and straight from the heart and soul of Casi herself! Majestic and passionate, Casi sings this song flawlessly angelic, and she gives us goosebumps with every note! What’s not to love about it? It is STUNNING!

We were thrilled to interview her, and we enjoyed how well-thought-out her answers were! We know that’s the real reason you came, so let’s get into it!

You were once signed to Radio Disney at just 14 years old, what was that experience like versus becoming a contestant on The Voice?
My time with Radio Disney was so fun! I was in a pop group called The Commotions, and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever that we had choreography and headsets! Being on The Voice, however, was even more mind-blowing. I still can’t quite explain what a whirlwind that experience was!

You received four chair turns during your blind audition for The Voice, what were you feeling at that moment and what was going through your mind? What made you choose Team Blake (aside from the fact that he’s a country music artist)?
Honestly, I think I blacked out in that moment. I really didn’t think I was going to get any chair turns, so when they all did, I totally lost it! I had been working for that kind of validation since I was five years old, and it’s still one of the best moments of my life. I chose Blake because I knew we would have a lot in common, and he would understand where I come from. We definitely connected quickly both coming from Nashville, talking Broadway bars, and even the talent competitions we both competed in as kids.

Casi Joy
Image Source Courtesy of Casi Joy

In a previous interview, you said that being on The Voice you “…learned so much about the industry, my own brand as an artist, and what it takes to perform at that level. It was a LOT of work.” Do you feel like singing competitions are beneficial to artists/singer-songwriters in the sense that they can be an eye-opening experience to all that goes on BTS of the industry – stuff that up-and-coming artists may not realize until they are living it?
Oh, absolutely! You learn so much about the industry side of things, and how fast-paced everything is at that level. I still hold all that I learned dearly, and still use so much of it to this day; especially my personalized vocal warmup!

From being a contestant on The Voice to opening for some of the biggest names in the industry like Maren Morris, Carly Pearce, and Keith Urban, what has it been like for you to transition from one to the other?
Since I’ve been performing for most of my life, it wasn’t too crazy of a transition after The Voice. But it did feel different. I felt so much more prepared and secure in who I was as an artist. I finally felt like I had ascended to a level I had been trying to reach for so long, and that I was meant to be there with my heroes.

Your new song ‘Business Of Breaking Up’ is so beautifully sad! Can you give us a little breakdown of how this song came to be and what your mindset was going into creating the track?
Ah! I love that you said “beautifully sad!” That’s exactly the vibe I felt when I wrote the piano part for that song. I sat on it for so long because I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the song was making me feel, so it took me a while to get started on the lyrics. But it did feel bittersweet and nostalgic. I kept playing it over and over, and finally the lines “you double crossed a line” and “you made me lose my mind” came out. That’s when I knew who I was singing about. I’ve had relationships in this business where I felt like I was being manipulated, to a point that my mental health was suffering. That piano part pulled something out of me I had been holding on to that certainly wasn’t serving me. Now this song is like a therapy session every time I get to perform it.

When creating a song like ‘Business of Breaking Up’ that is about leaving a toxic, manipulative relationship, how do you go about keeping your emotions from overwhelming you having to re-live such a serious moment for the song? Do you have advice for anyone who may be going through a similar situation?
I can’t say that I’m the best at keeping my emotions at bay with this song. It’s still so new for me to acknowledge that whole situation, but it feels like I heal a little more every time I perform it. With this person, I knew I had to completely cut them out of my life or I was going to actually lose my mind. I wanted to write this song, not only for me, but for others who need to hear that you can just say “I’m done talkin’ now.” You don’t have to explain yourself and do the back and forth thing while getting gaslit and made to believe you’re the crazy one. You can just be done.

The visuals in the music video for the song are absolutely stunning! What made you decide to play the piano in a church/chapel for the music video? Did it all come together perfectly how you envisioned it?
Thank you so much! I’m so proud of this video, and it’s the first time I’ve played piano in one. Since that’s how this song was born, I knew we had to give the video a whole piano moment. My alma mater, Park University, was so kind to let us use their historic chapel and beautiful grand piano, which made it even more special! We shot the other scenes in our tour bus, so the Joyride finally got her time to shine too! The only thing that didn’t come to life was that I really wanted a fog machine for the piano scenes. We then learned that you definitely can’t get moisture anywhere near a $200,000+ Steinway. Noted! I’ve been trying to use a dang fog machine for almost every video the last three years, but something always happens (it’s broken, we didn’t bring fog, we forgot to get it out of the truck, we can’t ruin a legendary piano, etc.) I’ll get my fog one day!

Casi Joy
Image Source: Courtesy of Casi Joy

We hear you have more music on the horizon! What can we, as fans, expect from the new music, and what do you hope the fans take away from your new songs?
I have been so busy writing and recording lately, and have tons of new stuff in the works! You can definitely expect to hear more of that bittersweet nostalgic sound and a lot of reflection!

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If you can tell us, what are some of the things you have coming up that you are most excited about? And Why?
I’m so excited about my new music coming out and the tour that will go along with it! I can’t wait to share these new songs in person, and meet all of my Joyfriends!

We love sharing music with our faves, so what are your top 5 songs that you are obsessed with at the moment?
Being that Taylor Swift’s Midnights album just dropped, I’m completely immersed in that at the moment! I’m loving ‘Anti-Hero!’ Some of my other favorite songs right now are ‘I Swear to God’ by Tyler Childers, ‘Mockingbird’ by Ruston Kelly, ‘This Too Shall Last’ by Anderson East, and ‘What He Didn’t Do’ by Carly Pearce!

She is an absolute gem! Thank you for talking with us, Casi! We can’t wait for new music!

We want to hear from you now, honey poppers! What do you think of Casi Joy and her latest single/video? Which of her songs is your favorite? What are your thoughts on Casi’s Q&A? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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