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AleXa Is ‘Back In Vogue’ With Her Thrilling Mini-Album, Girls Gone Vogue

AleXa Is ‘Back In Vogue’ With Her Thrilling Mini-Album, Girls Gone Vogue

AleXa has had quite a year, and she is back more empowered than ever before with ‘Back In Vogue’ and most specifically, with her fresh new mini-album: Girls Gone Vogue. After participating in and winning American Song Contest, we couldn’t wait for her next release. Our expectations were higher than ever before. We just knew she would be back with everything she had, more confident than ever – and we weren’t wrong. 

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‘Back In Vogue’

‘Back In Vogue’ feels big, empowering, and confident. It truly shows AleXa‘s charisma better than ever before. Her energy is just addictive and contagious. The mixture of jazz influence, a somewhat circus vibe, and pop melodies give way to an absolute anthem. The chorus is quite literally pop perfection. ‘Back In Vogue’ is simply a perfect comeback and such an addictive and catchy song. It is impossible to explain just how good this one is, and it also embodies her energy so well.

Of course, AleXa never misses when it comes to visuals and music videos. ‘Back In Vogue’ is another proof of it. The settings and styling and everything about the aesthetic is absolutely gorgeous. And with the choreography, we get to see AleXa voguing and performing amazingly as she always does. ‘Back In Vogue’ is perfection all over and AleXa truly didn’t hold back. She gave her all and it paid off.

Girls Gone Vogue

But AleXa’s latest EP doesn’t start right up with ‘Back In Vogue.’ The opening track is actually a much more chill, sweet, and almost acoustic track that highlights her softer side. Not only that but ‘Star’ is a collaboration with MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul. AleXa’s sweet voice is perfectly complimented by Moonbyul’s raspier and lower vocals. ‘Star’ is overall such a sweet and comforting song.

‘Endorphine’ is the best example of AleXa‘s more bright and fun side. It’s such a cheerful and happy song – there’s no way this pop song doesn’t put a smile on your face. ‘Black Out,’ on the other side, is another display of AleXa’s overflowing confidence. This is the b-side in AleXa‘s mini-album that could easily be a title track. The energy of this track is really something else. We can already imagine what a good performance AleXa could put on for this song.

Girls Gone Vogue eventually comes to an end with ‘Please Try Again.’ It is the only all-English song in AleXa’s mini-album, and it also shows her more vulnerable side. As she tries to hold on to a relationship, she gives us a raw, emotional, and absolutely beautiful song. It is the final piece of the puzzle as AleXa explores different sides to her music in this release. Girls Gone Vogue is so multi-faceted and truly shows the best sides of AleXa as a performance, as a singer, and as an artist overall. She did not disappoint one slightly bit. We’re more obsessed with her than ever before.

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Image Source: ZB Label

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