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Let’s ‘lean on’ Lunar June For Our New Favorite Song

Let’s ‘lean on’ Lunar June For Our New Favorite Song

Lunar June may be new to our radars, but she has instantly stolen our hearts. She supported Baby Queen recently in Brighton, and we have had our eyes on her ever since. Lunar is not only an artist, but she’s an arranger, producer, and writer as well! Which is just mind-blowing, right? How can one person do so much?!

Lunar June has such an upbeat, electric-pop sound that we can all find so much fun in. It’s always a good sign if an artist creates songs to just scream and dance to. We love to let loose every once in a while. She went on a journey from covering her favorite artists in small London pubs using just acoustic guitars to creating her own music and sound using primarily synths. 

‘lean on’ is Lunar June’s debut solo project! The song is perfect to dance to, to put on full blast and scream to, and to play at clubs and raves. It’s just perfect for so many occasions. With its synth and electronic sound, it’s the perfect addition to anyone’s pre-party playlist, comfortably fitting into the actual parties’ playlists too! The mellow lyrics and soft sound of her voice, paired with the upbeat sound of the beats and loops in the music, work so well, making it so catchy. If you’re not a dancer, you’ll definitely find yourself tapping your foot or bopping your head along.

“‘lean on’ was written following a somewhat messy break-up, which felt like a romantic break-up, but also wit my wider friendship group attached to my ex, and when I ended things, it felt like everyone judged and hated me for it. It was difficult feeling so isolated. ‘lean on’ sounds like it’s talking to someone else, saying I’ll be there for them, but really it’s a love letter to myself.”

– Lunar June

The song ‘lean on’ is a part of an upcoming EP expected to be released in early 2023, and we couldn’t be more excited if we tried! Start now, start supporting her now, start listening now, start following now, because we think it’s inevitable that she’ll blow up in the electro-pop scene. If you get in there fast, you can say you were there from day one!

We’ve become a fan of Lunar June in such a short amount of time, and we have no doubt anyone who loves pop music will not fall head over heels too! She is definitely one to watch. Don’t forget to listen to ‘lean on’ here.

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