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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Arlyn Broche Talks Young Rock And The Importance Of Representation

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Arlyn Broche Talks Young Rock And The Importance Of Representation

You know we love to keep you up to date with all things pop culture here at THP, and that includes keeping you in the know with all of Hollywood‘s rising talent. Arlyn Broche is one of the stars of NBC’s hit show Young Rock, and we’re so excited to be sharing this interview with her!

For those of you not yet familiar with Arlyn Broche, let us catch you up a little! After getting a degree in Business and focusing on family life and running a business, Arlyn is now making a name for herself in the TV industry. She is currently starring as the esteemed businesswoman and Dwanye Johnson‘s former wife, Dany Garcia, in Young Rock. You can also find her in shows such as Gravesend on Amazon Prime and Ballers. Check out below what Arlyn had to say when we discussed her current projects and career so far!

We’re excited for Season 3 of Young Rock! This has been described as your breakout role, so congratulations. What has it been like portraying Dany Garcia onscreen?
It has been a next-level experience professionally for me. I agree it is a big role that is setting the foundation for my budding career, as one journalist wrote. Really an honor to play such a badass onscreen. Couldn’t have asked for a better role.

You’ve said before that you really admire Dany Garcia. Do you feel more pressure in roles where you’re playing a real person?
Definitely admire her career, trajectory, and what she continues to do. Obviously, there is slightly more pressure to make sure I fulfill the truth of what it means to portray a real person. Saying the story truthfully and bringing to life a real person on screen is challenging. In my case, it’s honorable, especially because Dany is, and continues to be, such a positive influence in society.

Young Rock tells the story of Dwayne Johnson’s life but if there was a TV show made about yours, who would you cast to play you?
I don’t have someone in mind to play me at this moment. I would definitely want a Latina to play my role. I will give opportunities to actors to audition and may the best person book it.

This isn’t the first time you’ve worked with Dwayne Johnson! How did the process of filming Ballers differ from your experience on Young Rock?
Yes, I worked with DJ, on Ballers Season 2, in 2015-16. I was Tonya, the pharmacist on that show. That was so much fun, and DJ and I got to work as co-stars. On Young Rock, adult Dwayne, played by Uli Latukefu, is my on-screen husband. So, while I’m on Dwayne’s show playing his wife, my scenes are not with him directly. I feel the role of Dany I play on Young Rock is a much bigger role. I’ve learned so much working on this show.

Image Source: Arlyn Broche via Instagram

Projects you’ve recently been involved in include shows like Gravesend, which is very different in tone from Young Rock. What genre is your favorite to act in?
I used to always think I was better at drama and that it was my favorite. I have discovered on this show that I really enjoy comedy so much more. I have been told I am quite funny in a deadpan sort of way.

We know you’re very proud of your heritage and were recently honored as one of 50 of South Florida‘s most dynamic Latinas. How important is it to you to be representing your culture on screen?
For me, it’s an honor to represent my culture on screen. When I read headlines in press releases with phrases like “Redefining Hollywood” it gives me a great sense of pride to rep my Latino community. I recently shot season 2 of Gravesend for Amazon Prime. I’m the ONLY Latina on that show. The role was originally released for a Caucasian woman. The fact they changed her to Cuban after viewing my audition really showed me that anything is possible with focus and hard work. When the opportunity presents itself, I’m ready.

You didn’t have the most conventional journey into the entertainment industry. What was it about acting that kept drawing you back in?
I’ve always been passionate about the art of storytelling. Interpreting and telling a story is something I deeply take pride in. The capacity to be able to make a living from it is a dream come true.

Image Source: Xavier Lerma Photography

For anyone who, like you, pursued a different career but still wanted to get into acting, what advice would you give them?
Begin by doing your research, learn everything about it. The techniques, skills, and tools you will need to be great at it. Dedicate yourself to improving, learning, and growing as much as you can. If you still want to do it, nobody can stop you but you.

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We love talking about our favorite films and TV shows here at THP. What have you been watching lately?
Young Rock, obviously! I’m also a fan of Gravesend, Grace and Frankie, Schitt’s Creek, and Ozark, among others.

We’re so excited to see what you do next! Have you got any upcoming projects that you can share with us?
Currently, I’m shooting Season 3 of Young Rock in Memphis, Tennessee. A new episode airs every Friday on NBC at 8:30/7:30c. I also am excited to share that Season 2 of Gravesend, another show I recently worked on, is airing soon on Amazon Prime.

We’ve been loving Season 3 of Young Rock so far and think Arlyn has been smashing it as Dany Garcia! Make sure you’re tuning in every Friday to see her shine in this role. We’re really grateful she took the time to have a chat with us, and look forward to seeing where her career takes her from here!

Have you been obsessed with Arlyn in Young Rock too? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us @TheHoneyPop! We’re also on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure you stay up to date with us there. We love hearing from you!


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