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ATEEZ Prove That They Are Their Own PARADIGM With New Japanese Album

ATEEZ Prove That They Are Their Own PARADIGM With New Japanese Album

ATEEZ have had a pretty iconic 2022! With two world tours and an album that opened up a ‘New World’ for ATEEZ, (get it?) how could they finish the year off in style? ATEEZ have gifted ATINY with their third Japanese album, THE WORLD EP.PARADIGM.

This six-track mini album is out of this world (sorry), and we’re obsessed; between this and THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT, ATINY have been so blessed this year. PARADIGM includes three new versions of MOVEMENT tracks, and we’re glad for another excuse to listen to them on repeat!


PARADIGM’s title track is called ‘Paradigm,’ who’d have thought?! The actual word “paradigm” caused a little confusion though, so here’s what it means: the ideal model, standard, pattern, or example of something. So used in a sentence? Well, ATINY may say that ATEEZ are the paradigm of an ideal idol group!

‘Paradigm’ is a quintessential ATEEZ title track TBH; it’s full of the intense and impactful production that we know and love from this group. This time though, the aggression in the track isn’t at all rough, it’s sleek and restrained; probably something closer to ‘Deja Vu’ than ‘Guerrilla.’ The song tells the story of ATEEZ breaking the status quo and creating their own new paradigm, which follows on from the storytelling in THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT, as well as being a pretty accurate interpretation of ATEEZ’s story IRL too.

The styling in the music video for ‘Paradigm’ is immaculate! We’re entirely obsessed with the neckties, gloves, and countless other accessories that ATEEZ are wearing with their sleek tailoring. Not only that, the choreography is elite too, but what else would we expect from our performance kings? The ‘Paradigm’ video may have slightly less storytelling than ATEZ’s music videos often do, but that doesn’t mean that the cinematography is lacking at all.

ateez paradigm
Image Source: Courtesy of KQ Entertainment


The album begins with ‘Intro: Siren,’ a track that weaves in so many elements from ‘PROPAGANDA,’ the opening song from MOVEMENT. We love this incorporation of references, but considering the ATINY theory that Yeosang is a siren in their universe concept, the cogs in our brains are really turning now. ‘Outro: Liberty’ is a euphoric closing track that interpolates instrumentals and vocals from ‘New World,’ which gives the mini album a really special full-circle moment!

‘Guerrilla’ is one of the best title tracks of 2022, and its staying power has proved that! Good luck scrolling through TikTok for more than five minutes without this (impossible) dance challenge popping up. Now, ATEEZ have gifted us with ‘Guerrilla (Flag Version),’ This remix sees the song become a pop-punk, punk-rock anthem! We didn’t see this coming, but we’re certainly not mad about it!

We also got Japanese versions of ‘Cyberpunk’ and ‘New World,’ which is great because it means there are two versions of ‘Cyberpunk’ to live in our heads rent-free in between watching clips of them performing it on The Fellowship: Break The Wall World Tour that they’re currently on. It’s also interesting to reflect back on MOVEMENT and its storytelling now that ATEEZ have chosen ‘Guerrilla,’ ‘Cyberpunk,’ and ‘New World’ as the songs to translate and bring with them to PARADIGM.

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ateez paradigm
Image Source: ATEEZ Official on Twitter

ATEEZ choosing to close their 2022 with the release of THE WORLD EP.PARADIGM, as they wrap up their second world tour this year, is lowkey iconic. We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for our 4th Gen performance kings!

What’s your fave track on THE WORLD EP.PARADIGM? Got any predictions for an EP. 2 in THE WORLD series? We wanna hear all your thoughts! Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or, if that’s not your vibe, you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

And if you need more K-Pop in your life? You got it!


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