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5 Britney Spears Music Videos That Prove She’s a True Sagittarius

5 Britney Spears Music Videos That Prove She’s a True Sagittarius

To quote the pop princess herself, Britney Spears has been an American dream since she was seventeen! Since her release of ‘…Baby One More Time,’ we’ve been blessed with smash single after smash single, culture-defining red carpet looks, and of course: some of the greatest music videos of all time!

She’s A Dreamer – ‘Lucky’

‘Lucky’ takes the tragic story of fame and makes it beautiful with high glamor and fantasy. In one of her most heartbreaking and visually stunning music videos, we see her character attempting to get through her seemingly enchantingly perfect life, all while trying to find a way to truly be happy. And that’s all any of us dream about.

She’s Passionate – ‘Born To Make You Happy’

Although ‘Born to Make You Happy’ isn’t the only love song in her catalog, it’s probably one of her catchiest and really shows off that true Sag passion! One of the greatest traits of a Sagittarius is their ability to put all of themselves into something or someone, wear their heart on their sleeve, and face everything with intensity.

She’s A Free Spirit – ‘Overprotected’

If there’s one thing Britney proved with the release of ‘Overprotected,’ it’s that she can’t be held down. What could be more Sag than that? In true fire sign fashion, she claims needs to be free to be completely her. Usually very unique and creative souls, it’s no wonder she needs space to be able to fully express herself.

She’s Hilarious – ‘I Wanna Go’

Britney has always had jokes. In interviews, outtakes, and bloopers fans have gotten to see glimpses of the funny, quirky side of our favorite star. Sometimes, she even lets that shine through in her art. From the very first scene of ‘I Wanna Go,’ Britney brings the comedy and continues to take us on a zany journey through the wild, fictionalized “day in the life” in the spotlight.

She’s Energetic – ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’

Probably our personal favorite here at the Honey POP, ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ is a Britney classic! This music video shows off her Sag energy in the best way because it’s all about dancing. This electric, fiery routine has practically become a legend in the industry and is definitely not for those who tire easily. It’s replicated several times but never truly mastered. No one can ever outdance the dancing Sag Queen!

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Britney has proven time and time again that she is a multifaceted, multi-talented diva and truly the pop icon of our generation. From Britney to Blackout, she has served us with so many iconic music videos it was almost impossible to pick! But someone had to, right?

What is your favorite Britney Spears music video? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thehoneypop. Which Britney era was your fave? We’d love to hear on Facebook or Instagram!


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