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Isla Croll Shoots Straight at Our Hearts With New Christmas Single

Isla Croll Shoots Straight at Our Hearts With New Christmas Single

Isla Croll

Christmas is coming, and guess what! There is something important we want to show all of you, Honeys! We are not only sharing the newest Christmas hit but also a sweet and touching story relayed through its music video. We promise this is the cutest thing you will see this holiday season!

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When it comes to December, the focus falls on the upcoming holidays. While they can bring joy, they can also be very stressful, and that is when we need something to cheer us up. Well, we have that something right here! Introducing Isla Croll’s spectacular piece and new family classic, ‘Please Come Back For Christmas.’

You might ask, “what’s so special about it,” or “isn’t it just another holiday single?” No, it is way more than that, and we are about to tell you why. But first, prepare a pack of tissues because if you’re anything like us, you’ll be crying while watching this. Don’t worry. It is a good thing!

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Ok, we have to mention how incredible Isla Croll’s voice is before we do anything else. If you watched The Voice Kids in 2020, you’d definitely know who she is. She captured the attention of all the judges and later continued with a solo career, her songs captivating not just ears but hearts as well. And she continues to do so with ‘Please Come Back For Christmas.’

The song already feels like a classic, thanks to its overall vibe. Those sleigh bell sounds right from the very beginning teleport us to a cozy place where we are surrounded by everything and everyone we love. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about anyway? Family, loved ones in any shape and form. But there is a bit of sadness in the single as well, yet it makes it even lovelier and better to appreciate. The song is about the strong longing for that special someone in our lives. Isla Croll’s vocals are powerful, and they flawlessly bring the magical feeling of the season.

Now, are you ready to talk about the music video? Because we know we are! To fully complete and point out the charm of this new favorite song, we were blessed with a matching, heartwarming clip. You can’t say it’s anything less than cute, touching, and tear-provoking! We will argue if you dare that!

The music video is an animated story about a little girl and her precious dog. We can see how the pup seems to have given up on the idea of finding his special home, and just then, his new family sees him and immediately falls in love. Eventually, the two create that strong and unique bond between owner and pet, which makes them part of each other’s whole being.

The seasons pass, and eventually, an incident occurs where the dog gets lost, and this tears up not only the girl’s heart but ours’ as well. The struggles they both go through to get back to each other are even more heartbreaking as the clip goes on. Ah, we need those tissues right about now!

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Thankfully, Christmas is approaching, and that’s when miracles happen! With the help of a very magical person and his trusty reindeer, the song concludes with a happy ending. Cue tears of happiness!

So, how do you like Isla Croll’s ‘Please Come Back For Christmas?’ Did you enjoy the adorable little movie-like clip? We’d love to hear your reactions, and you can share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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