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MetaMoon Fest Was Truly An Experience Like No Other

MetaMoon Fest Was Truly An Experience Like No Other

MetaMoon Fest

MetaMoon Fest provided an opportunity for fans to come to Barclay’s Center and watch all their favorite artists perform in one night. Seeing so many iconic artists like Lay ZhangAmber Liu, 9m88, Tia Ray, Karencici, Tyson Yoshi, ØZI, Sury Su, and MC Jin in one arena was an extraordinary experience! For that, we are very thankful! 

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The energy in the arena was infectious, and everyone was dancing and singing together non-stop, which created such an unforgettable experience and atmosphere. One of the most remarkable things about MetaMoon was that many people from different walks of life were able to come together to celebrate Asian culture and enjoy their time as one! It was also a wholesome moment to see all the different lightsticks in the audience. MetaMoon Fest was definitely a night where all fandoms could come together to celebrate and have fun!

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The performances were obviously the highlight of the night, and all the artists did an outstanding job! MC Jin even got on the mic to do a freestyle rap, and we were blown away by how creative he was with his rap using random words from the audience. We also loved that Amber Liu had a live band because it enhanced her highly anticipated performances. Tia Ray was so graceful and elegant, and she completely captivated the whole arena with her powerful and majestic vocals. In addition, we were really excited to see ØZI and 9m88 perform their song together! As expected, Lay Zhang closed the show, and his performances certainly did not disappoint.

Video Source: Asia Moore

In between performances, MC Jin was very entertaining and kept the crowd laughing the whole night. We especially loved when he talked to the kids in the audience and played games with them. The children were so hilarious, and it was nice to see that MetaMoon Fest was also a family-friendly event.

Video Source: Asia Moore

Outside of enjoying the amazing performances, we also ate delicious food from many API-owned brands at the MetaMoon Market. We really enjoyed the dumplings from Yumplings and the tea from Teazzi. Not only did we eat delicious foods at this market, but we also helped contribute to a nonprofit organization called Heart of Dinner, which is focused on combating food insecurity and isolation within NYC’s Asian older adult community. Two birds, one stone!

We also thank BoardroomCoachKate Spade New YorkRADIIApex for Youth, and HungryPanda. Without these partners, MetaMoon Fest would not have been able to happen! We hope others also had a wonderful time attending MetaMoon Music Festival as much as we did, and we would love to see the festival return next year! 

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What was your favorite performance of the night? Let us know in the comments below or by sending us a tweet @TheHoneyPop.

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