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5 Reasons Why You Should Support TXT!

5 Reasons Why You Should Support TXT!

We’re not sure if there’s a cure for the ups and downs of adolescence, but we are sure that TXT is making art out of it.

Choi Soobin, Choi Yeonjun, Choi Beomgyu, Kang Taehyun, and Huening Kai started sharing their dream with us 3 years ago when Big Hit Entertainment, under HYBE Labels, revealed their new boy group Tomorrow by Together; 5 teens with 3 studio albums, 4 EPs and more, have captured the youth and all of us. We could talk all day about their trajectory and all the thousands of reasons to support them, but here we made a recap for you.

Their music!

It might seem a little bit too obvious, but the main reason to stan TXT is definitely their music.

We don’t call them the voice of Gen Z for no reason. In their lyrics, we will hear the trials of being young, bad friendships, social pressure, love, friendship, and of course, heartbreak, dreams, and all those feelings that we do not know how to express. Accompany that with an astonishing instrumental, and you get some of the best music.

A few favorites we recommend are ‘No Rules’ and ‘0X1= Lovesong (i know i love you).’

They are effortlessly talented!

Seeing their names trending globally, like Yeonjun, our 4th Gen It Boy, is not weird. They seem to be a magnet for attention! Just like when they were out there strutting the trendiest fashion on their very first appearance at the American Music Awards in LA, stealing the spotlight. Not only that, but getting Bebe Rexa’s phone number just by being the cutest fans, boys.

Image Source: AMAs via Instagram

The funniest on the block

When you are an MOA, there is nothing like sad days because these boys always know how to cheer us up. Here we recap our favorite TikToks. Please, view with caution. You might fall in love or lose your air laughing, or both.

Image Source: TXT via TikTok
Image Source: TXT via TikTok
Image Source: TXT via TikTok

They have made MOA the 6th member!

Something we really appreciate about this fandom is that they are more than that. They are a family. For TXT, there is nothing more important than their fans. They interact daily, and all their content is dedicated to them. We aren’t joking! They literally made a song for their connection, and it is so cheerful. Let us know if you want to ‘claim the spell’ with us.

There is no one like them!

While each group is different in its own way, we know that there are no two alike. Tomorrow by Together is a mix between two anime lovers, a fashionista, a sporty guy, and one who undoubtedly spreads his energy. They fill our lives with joy.

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And we could be here talking about a thousand more reasons to stan Tomorrow by Together. If you haven’t checked them, we give you 5 minutes to search for them on your music browser (ready? Ok. Let’s continue). But if you are an MOA, let us know what made you support these boys. Would you add another reason to the list?

Let us know in the comments below or come around at @TheHoneyPop, and if you get enchanted, see all we got for you on our Facebook or Instagram.


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