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Exclusive Interview: Jonasu Talks All Things ‘Who Cares’ and Working With Alex Hosking

Exclusive Interview: Jonasu Talks All Things ‘Who Cares’ and Working With Alex Hosking

Jonasu has just put out one of our favorite collaborations of the year, ‘Who Cares,’ with Alex Hosking, so naturally, we had to talk about it with him! This conversation turned us into the biggest Jonasu fans, and we hope it does the same for you! In this interview, you’ll find recommendations if you’re ever in Berlin and want Jonasu to be your tour guide. You’ll find little tidbits about the upcoming debut album and so much more!

We hope you enjoy our chat with Jonasu!

We want to talk about all things ‘Who Cares.’ What was it about Alex Hosking that made you want to work with her on this specific track? Was this a song that you already had done and wanted Alex to be a part of, or did you guys build the track together? Hey everyone, so Alex and I know each other for a couple of years. We both used to live in Amsterdam, and we have written a lot of songs over time. Just around that time we both lived there, I was just starting my own artist project aside writing and producing music for others. So I asked Alex if she had any ideas laying around that could be something for me and she says NO. hahaha I knew she was writing songs every day so I was like … well she must really like my project haha. In the end, my publisher played me a demo of ‘Who Cares’, and I texted her, that I loved that idea and would love to work on it. She loved the first demo I made, so we rewrote some bits and recorded her final vocals in my studio, and that was a lot of fun 🙂

We absolutely loved how much fun the video for ‘Who Cares’ is! Where did the idea for the video, which essentially portrays the ideal day in Berlin, come from? So Alex told me she had never been to Berlin, so I had the idea to just show her around Berlin, have a great time and film it. I had a little “script” in mind, but Alex is such an amazing fun person full of humour, so everything kinda happened on its own, except the waking up in the hotel scene in the beginning. We had so much fun that day, and I was so happy we captured that and could make it the music video!

Speaking of Berlin, since you played a tour guide in the video, we have to ask, if anyone reading this is planning a trip, what are three things that are a must to see\do? mm, there is so much to do in Berlin, haha I personally like all the backyards around Hackescher Markt (where we also shot under the coloured neon lights) it’s a vibe. I also love being on top of the Funkturm, its perfect to explore the city from the birdseye view.
and lastly, yes for sure go clubbing. It’s so special in Berlin!

‘Who Cares’ makes us want to dance around whatever room we are in any time we put it on. How does the vibe of a track affect the creative process? If a song is more upbeat, does it tend to be a quicker process to put that together? I wouldn’t say it much quicker and easier, but definitely more fun. Happy songs are sometimes a bit more tricky to produce, since quickly it can become a gimmick and sound too happy on the nose. Producing ‘Who Cares’ was a great creative process, there was a lot of exploring and trying out, especially the vocal chop, and the bass line was fun to create.

You released ‘Black Magic,’ and it blew up, especially in the UK. What was it like seeing such an overwhelmingly positive response to that track? It definitely feels unreal haha I mean at first it’s just numbers on a screen that don’t mean much, but it was when I played the song at creamfields live for the first time, when I realised how big it got. People went nuts and I was pretty much speechless haha.

Speaking of ‘Black Magic’ when you look back at the artist you were then to now, what is one difference you can clearly point to?
Good questions, I guess experience is the biggest difference. Through ‘Black Magic’ I had so many incredible moments that made me grow as an artist. You start dealing with so much more than music: social media, press, interviews, shows … I had successful songs before in my career, but not as the ‘artist’ and the face of the song. That is very different, but a lot of fun.

We know you studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, do you think studying classical music the way you did gives you a greater appreciation for the actual instrumental part of the music you are both listening to and making? Yeah, true I studied jazz drums at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. I think it was a great study to have a general basic knowledge and skill set about music, though most time I actually spend practicing the drums. I wouldn’t say I am super interested in the drums in my productions in particular, but the idea is basically the same. I used to love playing drums because I love making people dance. I love rhythm, So yeah I want all my productions to be as groovy as they can be, in drums but all other instruments as well, so people can help but ‘dance around whatever room they are in’ 🙂 It made me so happy to read this.

As we approach December, we are getting closer and closer to your album coming out! Your debut album is a huge deal! What can you tell us about this record and the process of choosing what songs you want to put on this debut project? Yes I am super excited I can finally put my album out. It has been an ongoing process of the last couple months, so yes all singles this year were already chosen to lead up to the album. I have had the luxury that I had written a lot of music and thus had a lot of songs to pick from. I usually just go with my guts, it has to feel like my song and it is really hard to describe any criteria for that haha. In general I wanted to show dance music from several sides, so all songs are a little different, some more house, some more slow, some a bit more dark and some are more happy. It was always that diversity that I also loved from my favorite albums. All in all.

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When looking at the tracklist for the upcoming record, is there a song that you are most excited for fans to hear? One that you really keep coming back to? I am absolute in love with ‘On My Mind’ feat. JC Stewart, it already came out as a single, but personally gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Definitely one of my favourite tracks.

Aside from the album, is there anything else we can look forward to in the near future? Can we expect some live shows? Yes, I hope to see some of your readers at some live shows next year, hope to be doing some festivals again in the summer. And there is also a lot of new music being written at the moment for next year, so there will be even more music coming out in 2023.

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