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Interview: SB19 On Their TV Debut, Their Relationship With Their Fans, And WYAT!

Interview: SB19 On Their TV Debut, Their Relationship With Their Fans, And WYAT!

You know we are massive fans of SB19 and getting to chat with them was an absolute dream. We got to chat about their new single, ‘WYAT,’ performing on Good Day New York, and how involved they are in all aspects of their work.

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Cramming together on a couch during a virtual call, we got to speak with all five members of the Filipino-pop supergroup, SB19. Now SB19 is one of those bands that you can’t help but love and we were honored that we got the chance to speak with them face-to-face. Well screen-to-screen, but you know what we mean!

We got to ask them a couple of questions about their US TV debut and their involvement in every aspect of their music. And also couldn’t let them log off without talking about their love for their fans, obviously! So without further ado, here is our interview!

It’s been three years since your breakthrough single ‘Go Up’ has released! You’ve accumulated such a major and dedicated following through your fandom, A’TIN, because of this! What do you think has been the most important thing you’ve learned as artists since then?
Josh: I think one of it is that as an artist, we don’t just perform. We don’t just do our thing. We should think of the people who are watching us. We should always inspire. We should always be a good role model for them, especially for us because most of our fans are in the young generation. So it’s quite a responsibility for us to do great things to inspire them.

Your fans are so dedicated, and recently they came to Good Day NY to show their support for your US tv debut! That’s pretty special, but what has been your highlight experience with your fans and why?
Pablo: A’TIN has always been a highlight for us and has always been supportive. One of the moments that was really memorable for me is when we were done performing at Good Day New York. When we went down to our car, a policeman told us, “Oh, I just saw you earlier in the day on TV.” And we were like, “Oh, people are starting to recognize us.” And for us, it’s a step forward for our goal. And we’re really, really thankful because someone told us that there are 7 million people watching the [tv program]. So it’s a really big help for us. 

We know you guys are very involved in the creation process of your music and choreography. Could you tell us a little about your involvement in the production of your music?
Josh: I think that’s one of the things that we’re really proud of, from choreographies to making lyrics to even directing music videos. We do that ourselves, but of course, with the help of other people around us.

Justin: For the recording, when, when we record our songs, most of the time Pablo is the one who’s handling the computer or being the sound engineer when we’re recording the song. And then for the choreographies I like, actually all of us are trying to adapt, but mainly Stell is the one who is creating a skeleton for our choreography. And then for the music videos, I try to make a PowerPoint presentation that’s for us to conceptualize design and such. For more on the production or the technical side, we kind of team up with [our management team and collaborators]. The way we involve ourselves is more on how we want to work because it’s very important as an artist that we’re very comfortable with the things that we’re going to do.

After getting to speak with the group, you could feel the love that they have for each other and for their beloved A’TINs. And we fell in love with them just a bit more after hearing their answers and seeing the smiles on their faces when speaking about their fans.

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Now not only has the group just finished with their first US TV debut, but they are also finishing up a very successful world tour, WYAT World Tour, on December 18th. Although we cannot be there for the Homecoming show, you know we will be watching that live stream and crying along with all of A’TINs. The group also just released a tender new ballad called ‘Nyebe’ – which means ‘snow’ in Tagalog. Leader Pablo is the creative director of the official visualizer that shows behind-the-scenes moments from visiting New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dubai, and Singapore for the WYAT World Tour. We are so incredibly proud of the group and cannot wait to see what is next for them!

We want to hear from YOU! Let us know your thoughts on ‘WYAT,’ their US TV debut on Good Day New York, and their newest visualizer for ‘Nyebe’ in the comments below or chat with us on Twitter and Instagram. We are also over on Discord! Come hang out with us and let’s talk all things pop culture!

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