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Exclusive Interview: We Can All Agree FRED Is “Downright Sick”

Exclusive Interview: We Can All Agree FRED Is “Downright Sick”

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Tristan Torres and Freddie Criales have fed us so well with their newest track that we’re stuffed… or should we say, ‘Bloated?’ And yes, you heard us right, Magnolia Park’s Tristan and Freddie have put out another unforgettable track with their new project, FRED! And when we say unforgettable, we mean it. This song has been stuck in our heads since the first listen.

Reaching out to other outsiders and outcasts, FRED makes music that describes our inner thoughts and lyrically delivers a spirited message with a sparkling and shiny bow. Their newest track, ‘Bloated,’ is right in line with the alt vibes this pair gives off as they mix a multitude of genres to make their sound. They’re adding to the alt-pop of today while still holding close to the pop punk and rock bands we grew up on.

Now, you’re probably curious as to how this new yet nostalgic sound came to be and how on theme every lyric is ( “Bounce me down the block, I’m so full that I can hardly walk…” you have to be joking, they are genius). Well we have some good news for you! We got a peek inside FRED’s head to learn how they delivered such a catchy track in our exclusive interview with FRED’s very own Freddie Criales.

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Tristan and Freddie, you’re both members of Magnolia Park. What motivated you two to break off on this side project together?
We really enjoy making music together, and we are always writing and want to explore other genres, so we figured why not put some stuff out that people won’t expect.

How does your process of creating music for FRED differ from your input in the making of Magnolia Park projects?
It’s a little faster, because it’s just me and Tristan. We don’t have to run everything by four other people when it comes to what the song should do.

Venturing out from the band, this project shows fans a new side of you. What have you learned about yourself as a musician while working on FRED projects that you hadn’t yet uncovered?
As a musician, I’ve learned that I am capable of making things that aren’t rock. Also, I’m uncovering all the potential my singing abilities have.

Did any of Magnolia Park get first listens on this new project? If so, what were their reactions? 
They got first listen on the first single we put out, ‘U Want Me Dead.’ And they are stoked on it.

The new wave of genre-bending music has inspired this project. Is there anything you experimented with while making ‘Bloated’ that you’ve wanted to try out for a while?
There were a couple artists that inspired ‘Bloated,’ but a big one was Oliver Tree. I wanted to make something in that style for a bit and I think ‘Bloated’ achieved that.

We’re loving the wordplay in this track, the lyrics really paint a nice detailed picture! Where did you get the idea for this one and what’s your favorite line?
The idea came from one of our producers, Andy Karpovck. We wanted to do something that was kinda fun and quirky but can still feel like a serious song and I think we definitely got the vibe right with this song. My favorite line is “Drinking Pepto Bismol to help me feel less dismal” – I remember really liking that and thinking it was funny.

The blend of sounds here is incredibly catchy, and we found ourselves playing the song on repeat. When making ‘Bloated,’ what different genres/ styles/techniques did you find yourselves gravitating towards to make the finished track?
Some things we wanted to incorporate were the new alt-popop sounds that people are doing now like BoyWithUke. We also wanted to try to add some ’90s influence like Weezer. I think the guitar riff sounds like something Weezer would do.

‘Bloated’ is your fourth release as FRED! Is there a bigger project, like an EP or album, in the works?
All together, these songs will come together to form an album. But for now, we will keep releasing singles, that’s just how we like to release music.

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Will fans get a chance to see FRED come to life on stage in the near future?
At the moment no, we are still very new and building our community, but once that community becomes large enough we will be.

Anything you’d like to add? 
Thank you for showing interest in the single and go stream ‘Bloated.’

You heard ’em folks! Tell everyone you know about FRED and a tour may be in your future. And who doesn’t like good music anyhow? BRB, adding ‘Bloated’ to all of our alt playlists to spread the word! Let us know what you thought of ‘Bloated’ in the comments below or send us a tweet over on Twitter! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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