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The Honey POP’s Top 50 Albums Of 2022

2022 really delivered when it came to music this year. We received a plethora of albums, EPs and mixtapes, which truly contributed to the soundtrack of our year. We at The Honey POP love to share our favorite records with you, and so after our entire team voted on their faves this year, we’ve narrowed the list to our Top 50 albums from 2022. Let’s find out if your fave made the cut….

Harry’s House – Harry Styles

After over two years, Harry Styles blessed us with his third album Harry’s House. From fun and funky bops like ‘Late Night Talking’ to softer and more emotional songs like ‘Matilda,’ Harry’s House truly gave us everything. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Harry album without a fruit reference, and the song ‘Grapejuice’ ranks very highly amongst the rest of the fruit salad he has created through his discography. Whilst also keeping to the Harry Styles sound we know and love, the album also very much feels like a fresh departure into a new style for Harry and draws on themes such as love, sex, and a wide range of relationships.

Proof – BTS

After a career spanning over nine incredible years, BTS wrapped up the first chapter with an anthology album. PROOF boasts an incredible selection of the septet’s lengthy discography featuring three CDs worth of music, including singles, favorites of the boys’ solos, unreleased, and demos. BTS has such a diverse discography that is truly showcased throughout PROOF. It takes us back to their humble beginnings with the hip-hop genre and retraces the journey of their evolving sound, a journey of nostalgia for veteran ARMY, and a new path of deep-diving discovery for newer fans. We’re also treated to new tracks such as ‘Yet To Come,’ ‘My Youth,’ and ‘Run BTS,’ promises from BTS themselves that even after their military service, they will always come back together as BTS meet with ARMY once again. PROOF is the first-ever anthology album by a K-POP artist, and sees BTS joining the likes of Michael Jackson, Queen, and The Beatles in releasing one, proving that BTS are truly musicians who are making their marks in the music industry and are quite literally living legends. 

Special – Lizzo

As one of her highly-anticipated albums, Lizzo delivered Special with no skips. From synthesized melodies to groovy ‘80s tempos, she will have you replaying each song because they’re that good! Lizzo is the queen of empowerment. Not only does she showcase that message through her social media platforms but through her music as well. The message is clear in Special and reminds us that we are all special in our own way – despite the challenges and hardships we face, we must continue self-love. We see this message and theme throughout her songs ‘Naked’ and ‘Special.’ Along with Lizzo’s song ‘Everybody’s Gay’ where she continues to show her support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Special feels like an album from a bestie who is here to hype you up and remind you of your worth no matter how you’re feeling, and we are so thankful for Lizzo.

Un Verano Sin Ti – Bad Bunny

El Conejo Malo is keeping the momentum up with new music. His latest project Un Verano Sin Ti, is the Peurto Rican’s most eclectic and diverse work. And we’re not the only ones saying that, as the album got nominated for Album Of The Year for the 2023 Grammy Awards. In addition, Bad Bunny tells Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that this is his happiest work to date. Sonically, the album takes inspiration from Bad Bunny’s home country Peurto Rico and the sounds of the Caribbean. To be honest, all 23 tracks from Un Verano Sin Ti are standouts, so you can imagine how hard it was to choose favorites.

Maxident – Stray Kids

Stray Kids have gone through so many different concepts and sounds since their debut, but nothing quite like MAXIDENT. For the first time, Stray Kids took on the concept of love and truly made it their own. ‘Case 143’ is a song only they could do – it has their signature all over it. It stole everyone’s heart with its perfect mix of genres, anti-drop, and overall charisma. MAXIDENT, as a mini-album, is smart and witty. With one of their most pop-sounding title tracks, Stray Kids still released experimental tracks such as ‘SUPER BOARD’ and ‘Give Me Your TMI.’ They also explored further into Jazz and RnB influence with ‘CHILL.’ And how could we forget about the sub-units: ‘3RACHA’ being a straight-up unapologetic rap track, ‘TASTE’ with its sexy and addicting sound, and ‘Can’t Stop’ with its incredibly uplifting energy? Needless to say, there is something for everyone in MAXIDENT. It was a risk, but it proved how Stray Kids are willing to widen even further their range as a self-produced group, always coming up with the most unique and captivating music.

Midnights – Taylor Swift

As a massive win for 2022, Taylor Swift released a new album to accompany our sleepless nights. Midnights is every heartbreak, lonely night, revenge daydream, and more in one. With the knowledge that the tracks on this record were written about specific sleepless nights in Taylor Swift’s life, this record is potentially her most vulnerable yet. Midnights has also proved that Taylor is a massive force that cannot be reckoned with. The album has broken record upon record and set brand new ones to top it all off. We really can’t wait to hear the tracks live in her upcoming tour!

Faith In The Future – Louis Tomlinson

Louis has absolutely floored us with his sophomore album. Our fave song changes every hour, as we find new intricate details, vocal deliciousness, and lyrical feeling every time we listen. Faith In The Future feels like it truly represents who Louis Tomlinson is as an artist, and we could not be prouder. From the gritty texture songs like ‘Written All Over Your Face,’ and the “as pop punk as [he] can get away with” ‘Out Of My System,’ to the thoughtful messages in the bridge of ‘Saturdays,’ and the emotional connection of ‘Holding On To Heartache,’ this album is an embodiment of our Doncaster king, and the wait for this album was worth every moment. Undeniably one of the best British albums of 2022.

Jack In The Box – j-hope

BTS are currently focusing on their solo endeavors, and j-hope was the first of the seven to make his official solo debut album. Jack In The Box is quite the juxtaposition from his mixtape, Hopeworld, taking a more darker and grittier sound and aesthetic, different from what ARMY has come to know from j-hope. The album feels quite honest and vulnerable, with songs like ‘What If…?’ and ‘Safety Zone’ questioning who he is and everything about himself. But the j-hope we’ve known for almost 10 years still shines through with songs like ‘= (Equal Sign)’ and ‘STOP’ focusing on the kind of messages he always puts out, such as love, equality, and respect. The beauty of this album is that it’s packaged within a story inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of Pandora’s Box, with a lot of parallels that seem to fit j-hope’s life. We’re obsessed with this album and seeing a new side of his artistry while also staying true to himself.

Traumazine – Megan Thee Stallion

Truamazine is not like other Megan Thee Stallion projects. Megan got super vulnerable and raw on the tracks featured on this album. This is a side of Megan that we are super thankful she let us in to see! We have been blessed with an eighteen-track album from Megan and her incredible features, including Jhene Aiko, Future, Rico Nasty, and so many more! Traumazine is an incredible piece of art that seems to have been written for the fans and began for Megan herself. Songs like ‘Anxiety’ feel as if Megan had written into her diary, giving us a glimpse into the anxieties Megan often faces. As we fans know, Megan has been through a lot. We are so proud to see her writing songs that are there to help her heal from her traumas and any mental health problems she faces.


It’s been a hot minute since we had a BLACKPINK release, so when we were blessed with BORN PINK, we were truly enthralled. With their sophomore album, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa solidified their signature BLACKPINK sound of a concoction of EDM and pop blended with trap and hip hop while still experimenting with new elements. We see a strong duality from the girls when switching from grittier songs such as ‘Shut Down’ and ‘Pink Venom’ to more vulnerable tracks such as ‘The Happiest Girl’ and Rose’s ‘Hard To Love,’ proving just what BLACKPINK are capable of. They’re still on top of their game, and we seriously can’t get enough.

5SOS5 – 5 Seconds Of Summer

After much teasing and anticipation, 5 Seconds Of Summer finally released their fifth album this year – and it was the best thing ever. 5SOS5 is their realest, most raw release to date. While they’ve always been about creating their art themselves, they’ve never been more involved in the making of their album – with songs being written solely by them and with Michael doing the production for most of the songs. 5SOS5 is personal and vulnerable yet relatable and serves as a safe place for any listener. 5 Seconds Of Summer have always been amazing at blending popular and catchy melodies with more rock and indie-influenced instrumentals, and 5SOS5 is perfect proof of it. The lead single, ‘Complete Mess,’ perfectly embodies the energy of this album, but you also have straight-up pop songs like ‘Me, Myself & I,’ ballads like ‘Older,’ and more experimental tracks like ‘TEAR!.’ 5SOS5 is truly an experience on its own. Not only is this one of the best albums of the year, but it’s one of the best things 5 Seconds Of Summer have ever put out for the world to hear.

Renaissance – Beyoncé

We can’t have a list of the top 50 albums of the year without mentioning Queen Bey herself. Beyonce dropped Renaissance earlier this year, and we were blown away from the first listen. Right from the start, this album gives us nothing but bops. ‘I’M THAT GIRL,’ and ‘COZY’ open the album with a sound and a message that makes us feel like we can do anything. Seriously, if you need a pick-me-up and a reminder of how amazing you are, this album is for you. Oh, and we can’t forget that ‘CUFF IT’ inspired a viral TikTok challenge this year too. But really, what else would you expect from a song as high energy and as fun as this? The album pushes themes of confidence, self-love, empowerment, and the freedom to be who you are, so it’s no surprise it’s so loved. And that includes us, we can’t get enough of this album. Every track has its own unique sound that makes this album not only lyrically amazing but sonically as well. Renaissance is the appropriate title for an album like this. Catch us dancing to ‘CHURCH GIRL’ and ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ all night long. Overall, this album leaves us asking: “What can’t Beyonce do?” We’re pretty sure the answer is that she can do everything, they don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing. Make sure to check out Renaissance ASAP if you’re not already a member of the BeyHive.

I Love – (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE has been dominating 2022 thanks to the success of ‘TOMBOY,’ which went viral on TikTok and showed us a new side of the girls. Our girls are finally back with I Love, their fifth mini-album that brings their focus on power and independence to a whole new level. I Love plays with the idea of empowerment and a lack thereof, exploring how we feel when we’re reaching our best selves as well as how we feel when others are holding us back from doing so.

Aftershock – Alexander 23

We’re not sure how Alexander 23 pulled all of the exact emotions we’re feeling out of our heads and turned them into an 11-track masterpiece, but we’re so glad we did. Not that Alexander 23 has ever released anything bad, but we’re pretty sure this is some of his best work yet. Aftershock grapples with heartbreak, love, and pain in an emotionally gripping way that has us lying in bed, re-evaluating our life relating to the music. Did we expect to spend the summer sipping? No, but if Alexander 23’s Aftershock is the soundtrack, we can’t even be mad about it.

Chase – Minho

It doesn’t feel true, but it is as Minho finally got to drop his debut solo album this year, and it was so good that even though it came out in December, it still made the list of our top albums! Chase is composed of six songs (one of them is ‘Heartbreak, ‘ the single we have heard and fallen in love with before). We would say Chase was the perfect r&b dominated K-POP album to end this year with, and Minho worked hard to deliver us the goods. The charismatic idol we all love got to participate in the lyrics of some of the songs and directed the gorgeous music video for the title song ‚chase.‘ The kdrama vibes were everything on this one. Minho’s smooth vocals and the slow r&b instrumentals were the perfect combination and made Chase such a fantastic album.

Go The Distance – New Rules

New Rules knows how to deliver some absolutely stellar tunes! Before the mixtapes release, we were given only a small taste of what to expect, and it blew our minds in more ways than one! The mixtape features enchanting beats, feel-good vibes, and flawless compositions, making for the ultimate lineup of songs for every mood swing you may experience. It’s the ultimate immersive musical experience and a pure masterpiece that we are fully obsessed with!

Young Forever – Nessa Barrett

Young Forever is the debut album by singer Nessa Barrett and what a debut it is! Nessa solidified her title of singer, songwriter, and a true artist with this thirteen-track masterpiece…which later turned into an eighteen-track goldmine following the release of the extended edition. The album’s title comes from the first song off the album, ‘Tired of California’, which also served as the third official single. Between the heartfelt lyrics about the desire to escape (a feeling we can all relate to) and the support of a talented children’s choir giving that hint of youth, it truly set the tone for the remainder of the album. The true runaway of the album is the lead single, ‘Die First.’ Released in June of this year, the song captures that feeling of being terrified of losing the ones closest to us. The song and music video was dedicated to Nessa’s late best friend, Cooper Noriega. Nessa has always been a vocal advocate for mental health and is open about her own journey, especially in music, which makes this album relatable for so many fans. This is an album that you can listen to over and over and still feel new emotions with each listen. If you’re wanting to have yourself a good cry, we recommend ‘Dear God,’ but make sure you follow it up with ‘Too Hot To Cry’ (just as a reminder). We can’t speak enough praise about this album, and 10/10 recommend! Nessa is still so young and is definitely an artist you want to have on your radar for 2023.

Answer: Dimension – ENHYPEN

DIMENSION: ANSWER has been on repeat throughout 2022! This repackage has helped us enjoy ENHYPEN’s versatility throughout different music styles with the three new tracks included in this album. We’ve been dancing along to the incredible ‘Blessed-Cursed’ (one of our favorite ENHYPEN tracks ever), and we’ve been smiling so much while listening to the classic ‘Polaroid Love!’ These perfect additions make the boy group’s music collection even more complete. We have recommended this album to everyone we know, and we can’t wait to see what ENHYPEN does in 2023! They are so talented, and their stage presence is beyond this world!


After much anticipation, Becky G is back with a new album, ESQUEMAS, which contains 14 amazing songs that did not disappoint. Becky G proved her talent as a pop star, with songs like ’BAILE CON MI EX,’ a mid-tempo song that you can dance to but also cry to when thinking of the nostalgia of your past relationships. While ’NO MIENTEN’ proves to be different from her usual style, and evidence that Becky is no one-trick pony. Meanwhile, ‘DOLORES’ is a light-hearted song with a sweet melody that really touches one’s heart. We’re so thrilled to have another Becky G album, and this truly made its mark on her constant growth as an artist.

2 Baddies – NCT 127

2 Baddies showed us a new side of NCT 127 that we’ve never seen before. But that’s the thing about 127 – they are doing a great job making and adapting experimental tunes with every comeback. We’ve said it before, but the 2 Baddies album demonstrated yet again that NCT 127 have a unique musical style and handle it so well in their own NEO way, thanks to their charisma, energy, and talents. They are absolute trendsetters, especially within themselves. NCT 127 made us proud again with another successful album, and we don’t think we’ll ever be able to stop talking about their unique sound, mind-blowing talent, and hard work that keeps everything going.

Panorama – Hayley Kiyoko

Having an achingly long wait since 2018, Hayley Kiyoko is finally back with her new album PANORAMA. This project brings Hayley’s signature airy synth-pop to a whole new level of depth while showing off her growth as both an artist and a person. Songs like ‘underground’ give us an introspective, vulnerable insight into Hayley’s mind and what she’s been dealing with lately. Songs like ‘Panorama’ are reminders that what you go through doesn’t define you, and it certainly doesn’t limit what you can do or become in your life, while songs like ‘well…’ is the ultimate confident anthem about truly moving on from an ex and not dwelling on how poorly they treated you. Hayley truly sings the messages that many of us need to hear through points in our life, and PANORAMA is a record we can flock to in our time of need and understanding.


We’ve been loving what each member of GOT7 has been doing individually – but there’s something truly special about seeing the seven of them together. GOT7 kept their promise of coming back as a full group, and after much hinting, they came back with their mini-album GOT7 in May. And we can full-heartedly say this is their best release – hands down. GOT7 is their first release as a group after parting ways with their old company, and the fact that it is self-title says it all. This mini-album doesn’t have a single skip and feels true to GOT7 in every way possible. The title track ‘NANANA’ is bright, catchy, and the perfect serotonin booster. Most of the b-sides like ‘TRUTH’ fall more into a hip-hop and RnB type of sound, all while keeping a huge pop influence. But songs like ‘Drive Me To The Moon’ and ‘Don’t Care About Me’ also explore other genres, showing that GOT7 are ready to experiment and express themselves truthfully through their music as a group. This mini-album is not only perfect, but it also marks the beginning of a new chapter for GOT7 – and we couldn’t love it more.

Love Sux – Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne returned to pop-punk with her new album Love Sux. The 12-track album features collaborations from blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly, and Mark Hoppus. Opening the album with a bang, ‘Cannonball’ caught and kept our attention within the first 10 seconds, as throughout the song, Avril proves that she’s better off without her ex. MOD SUN is also on a few songs, providing the background vocals for ‘Love Sux’ and ‘Avalanche,’ and we love this subtle collaboration. Love Sux is an album full of angst, heartbreak, and revenge. This project is a message to Avril’s future exes not to mess with her as she communicates her message perfectly throughout the album, and by the end of it, we’re begging for more!

Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child – Tomorrow X Together

With Thursday’s Child, TXT has leveled up every aspect of their artistry. From the choreography to the styling to the songwriting (every song on Thursday’s Child was co-written by at least one TXT member), everything has seen progression. Thursday’s Child is the perfect representation of TXT and where they are right now as a band. They continuously reshape their group identity. We truly love Thursday’s Child and everything it represents from our 4th Gen It Boys!

Rae – Ashe

Ashe’s sophomore album is finally here! Rae is a no-skip album, full of quirks, vocals for days, signature bluesy warmth, and the musical comfort we flock to Ashe for. Not only has Ashe not fallen to the curse of the sophomore album, but she has also ground up that curse, put it in her morning coffee, and had it for breakfast. Ashlyn Rae Wilson, you have created an absolute masterpiece. We are so excited to see this album flourish in the way that it, and you, truly deserve.

Indigo – RM

After spending 15 years making music and almost ten years as the leader of BTSRM finally blessed us with his official debut solo album, Indigo. Dubbed by himself as the last archive of his twenties, RM truly shows us every shade of himself in this diary-like record, opening up about struggles and hurdles that he has faced over his mid to late twenties. Full of emotion, lessons learned, and vulnerability, this sun-kissed album is one that hits close to home, particularly to listeners of his age, and truly touches a nerve, embracing our souls. We adore the blend of different genres to create such a textured album that feels like a message of mutual understanding amongst the artist and listeners. 

Sad Songs In A Hotel Room – Joshua Bassett

Joshua’s voice is absolutely mesmerizing, and this album is proof. All of the songs on Sad Songs In A Hotel Room are absolutely top-tier, but ‘Used To It’ has stolen our honey-filled hearts. Meanwhile, ‘Lifeline’ has us in a permanent state of heartbreak, and we’re not sure we want it to stop. Genuinely we have no idea how Joshua Bassett continues to astonish us with these tracks. Every time we think we’ve prepared, a song of his knocks us right back down in the best way!

Magic Man – Jackson Wang

With ‘Blow’ as a lead single, Jackson Wang had us in the palm of his hand from day one. It had been a while since Jackson had released a new album (if we don’t count LOST & FOUND, which compiled a few songs that had been written in the past) so this brand new explosive sound inspired by indie-rock has us begging for more. MAGIC MAN showed us a brand new side of Jackson artistically. This is by far Jackson’s most ambitious solo work yet. MAGIC MAN is an entire experience on its own where he mixes different sounds and influences so flawlessly. We firmly believe there’s a song for everyone in this album. There are vibey songs that hit like ‘Champagne Cool’ but also songs like ‘BLUE’ that show his more vulnerable side. He truly outdid himself with this one – whether it was the music, the lyrics, or the aesthetic, everything was on point.

Girl Of My Dreams – FLETCHER

Perhaps our strongest clue of the motif surrounding FLETCHER’s debut album comes from her website, appropriately found at! Set up like a parlous shop for all things mystic are several flashing neon signs promoting dream interpreters to aura readings before letting one’s eye finally rest on Girl of My Dreams. Of course, that’s the album name itself. Still, it also carries on the thought that through a tumultuous breakup, hook-ups, and watching her career go to new heights, she was always manifesting her best self instead of things she thought she needed to make herself happy. It’s a lesson in the power of self-love, lending itself to healing, softer ballads like its title track ‘Girl Of My Dreams’ and ‘For Cari’ and those messy, guitar lead tunes like ‘Sting’ that read as a detour but actually lead you on the path. As for the stand-out, we’re looking at ‘Birthday Girl,’ a deeply personal and reflective take on the concept of having to share your day of birth with the ghost of someone you once gleefully blew out your shared candles with.

Forever 1 – Girls’ Generation

In honor of their 15th anniversary, Girls’ Generation shook the music world with their first comeback in five years, FOREVER 1. The 10-track album proves they are a timeless and iconic girl group who have truly made a mark in the K-POP history books. Blending a mix of nostalgia and new sounds, embracing the classics with a touch of new sprightliness. Even after time away from one another, Girls’ Generation truly proves that they’ve still got it. 

Holy Fvck – Demi Lovato

Demi returned with Holy Fvck this year, and we’re obsessed! This 16-track album will have you moshing, head banging, and trying to find your ‘Happy Ending’ all in 47 minutes. Holy Fvck is Demi’s eighth studio album, and we think this is the most them they’ve ever been. We can see her going back to their old roots, exploring this new sound and a whole new Demi. We feel so proud to have witnessed her evolution as an artist, and Holy Fvck is a prominent piece of evidence of their continuous growth. 


LE SSERAFIM debuted this year and proved they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their debut kicks off with a short form club banger that sets the record straight about the girls’ intentions: “I want to take up the challenge… the world is my oyster.” We could totally see this being the intro to their concerts once the lights go down and they’re getting ready to take the stage. The title track ‘FEARLESS’ has such a fun retro-pop feel, but still manages to feel fresh and exciting. The girls get to show off their vocal talents, raging from stable to soaring, and every line is oozing with confidence. LE SSERFIM really set the bar high for expectations of future debuts, and are surely going down in K-POP history for their impact.

Emails I Can’t Send – Sabrina Carpenter

We all know that Sabrina Carpenter can not make a bad song. Which means that every single song from this album is set to slay the game, and they do. From ‘emails i can’t send’ to ‘decode,’ each song is absolutely flawless. We can’t find a single thing wrong with it, absolutely nothing. It’s like magic the way she makes us feel with her lyrics, her sound, and her talent.

Face The Sun – SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN, what have you done this time? Face the Sun really did bring the heat, and we’re not even complaining. With nine tracks, the album brought us a new SEVENTEEN sound, and oh gosh, we’re in love. We’re not even exaggerating. Each track brought something new but, at the same time, still kept the same theme. We can tell SEVENTEEN went all in because the tracks from start to finish went perfectly, not only with the album as a whole but with the names of the tracks. And can we talk about the vocals? Let us, please, talk about the vocals. We hope SVT knows that they crushed it.

Wet Leg – Wet Leg

After racking up endless streams from us with ‘Chaise Lounge’ and ‘Wet Dream,’ Wet Leg finally blessed us with their debut album this year. From the heat and sass of their lyrics in ‘Ur Mum’ to the polarizing and penetrating lyrics in ‘Too Late Now,’ this record has given us a song for every day’s vibe. Also, can we talk about this highly acclaimed record having zero features? Just pure, raw, insane talent served to us on a silver platter. Thank you so much for feeding us Wet Leg, we cant wait for what’s next!

See Also

Heal – The Rose

Known for their phenomenal pop-rock discography, The Rose truly outdid themselves with the masterpiece that is HEAL. It’s raw, vulnerable, comforting, and a true embodiment of healing. Not only is it packed with beautiful melodies, but the lyricism of soul-stirring ballads such as ‘Definition of ugly is’ is guaranteed to leave you in tears. Listening to all ten tracks genuinely felt like our inner child received the closure we needed. Also, along with the themes of endings and new beginnings, it was a gentle reminder that “time will heal us.” The Rose’s highly anticipated comeback was undoubtedly worth the wait.

Superache – Conan Gray

After releasing a couple of heart-hitting and impactful singles, the expectations for Conan Gray‘s sophomore album were high, to say the least. It is more than fair to say that Superache lived up to the hype – it is vulnerable, relatable, and it hits. In this album, Conan explores mostly the feelings of unrequited love, of loving a friend that doesn’t love you back. The album truly tells a story of heartbreak and growth, all while exploring other themes like loneliness in ‘People Watching’ or opening up about his family history in ‘Family Line.’ Superache is an incredible album with its beautiful addicting melodies and its lyrics that hit and are relatable in a way we can’t even begin to explain. Superache is truly a step forward for Conan’s sound and lyricism, and it has been living rent-free in our minds since its release in June.


DICE brings styles of music we haven’t heard from soloist ONEW before, and we’re losing our minds. With each track, he brings his signature smooth vocal control. His EP, consisting of a unique blend of pop, lo-fi, and R&B, is already a K-POP classic in our heart-shaped eyes. It’s obvious that ONEW came to crush it with DICE, and he has definitely succeeded. From romantic songs to tracks that delve into loneliness, he covered a lot of ground, and we can’t stop hitting ‘Replay.’ Considering how he showed off new and different sides of his musical artistry, we’re curious which genres he may try out next… ONEW’s charms are as endless as Shawol’s adoration for our all-rounder leader of SHINee!

Yungblud – Yungblud

Self-titled album YUNGBLUD is the ultimate summary of who he is as an artist or a person. This 12-track, indie-rock album draws inspiration from The Cure, Radiohead, and YUNGBLUD’s own personal experiences, and it’s like a breath of fresh air. This album was written over two years, and though the stories behind each song may not be the most joyful, the overall vibe is of pure euphoria. The entire album is a safe space for the outsiders who never quite fit in.

Glitch Mode – NCT Dream

NCT Dream’s Glitch Mode is another iconic drop from the NCT subunits, and it is everything. ‘Fire Alarm,’ brings the heat right off the bat with a quick tempo and a fire alarm motif disguised in the melody, while ‘Arcade is a fun song with a trap beat behind it, and the lyrics seem to be a call-out to the haters.’ Meanwhile, ‘It’s Yours,’ is sonically lighter than other tracks on the record, and sets the mood for the romantic lyrics that NCT Dream serenades us. NCT Dream keep on delivering top notch albums and Glitch Mode really is no different.

The Loneliest Time – Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen has absolutely nailed it once again with her sixth studio album, The Loneliest Time. Miss Jepsen has this way of singing about all the kinds of emotional tsunamis we feel on the daily. Her pop bangers are openly honest and capture our feelings in ways not many others really can. This record proves that not even a global pandemic or lockdown can stand in the way of a true creative, taking over 100 tracks and narrowing it down to these stunning 13 that are the soundtrack to our hearts.


After five years of huge anticipation, K-POP legend PSY made his comeback this year. Marking the 10 years since his viral history making hit ‘Gangnam Style,’ PSY teams up with a number of K-POP icons such as BTS’s SUGA, Jessi, MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa, and Epik High’s Tablo. The album is an eclectic sound showcasing he’s truly no one trick pony and that his music is loved by all generations. PSY truly put his mark on this year’s music releases, and we have been devouring this album regularly ever since. 

The World EP.1: Movement – ATEEZ

ATEEZ worked so hard to show us their best rebellious identity through music and concepts with The World EP.1: Movement! It seems that ATEEZ can do everything perfectly. It’s not only about visuals and performances. It’s about vocals. Each of them in the record took the lead to shine with their fabulous voices. Whether rapper or vocalist, it’s a gift to listen to them. ATEEZ can basically turn each track they release into a main title. That’s how good they are. This eight-piece gives us confidence through their music and we are grateful for that.

Hot Mess – Dodie

Hot Mess is a collection of moments following the release of Dodie’s previous album back in 2021 and perfectly encapsulates “the flawed, emotionally erratic, wondrously complex conundrum that is being alive.” Dodie has always been authentic, and this EP is no exception. Hot Mess is a work of art that everyone can relate to one way or another. It’s so personal to her that it’s almost easy to find yourself in the music as well. It is brilliant and heartbreaking and is exactly what living feels like.

Between 1&2 – TWICE

TWICE have once again had another successful year, and Between 1&2 is proof of that. Undeniably, this era of TWICE may be one of our favorites yet. Full of the Y2K trend, the record is bright, energetic, with so many lyrics written by the members. This is such a well-rounded record full of captivating beats and sweet yet seductive lyrics. This record truly shows how far our girls have come since their debut back in 2015. 

33 – Jagwar Twin

Some artists embark on their journeys in search of fame, power, or money. And some artists simply create because they have to. It’s the second kind of creator that always manages to change the lives of people they touch, and Jagwar Twin is one of them. With the release of their second album, 33, Jagwar Twin has managed to educate, empower, inspire, and motivate the legion of fans who have been fortunate enough to stumble across his music. Jagwar Twin has taken us on a journey of self-discovery and awareness, making us more conscious of the self and the way we are all connected in ways that are hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t listened to his music. 

New Jeans – NewJeans

NewJeans debuted this year and truly caught our ‘attention.’ Their self-titled mini album is the embodiment of Y2K vibes both musically and aesthetically. New Jeans is full of captivating vibes that make for the ideal soundtrack to your teenage years. A fun, playful four-track record, this is such a bold and exciting introduction to this rookie girl group who we truly believe are ready to make waves in the music industry.

Gasoline – Key

This year Key dropped his second full studio album, Gasoline, and channeled his inner Greek God giving us one of the best comebacks of the year. He really outdid himself this time around with the concept for this album. Not only did he step it up further from Bad Love, but he also brought back the old-school horror movie we didn’t know we were missing. There isn’t a miss on this full record yet again, and we’re having the hardest time ever to even narrow it down to even two or three favourites because the album is that good.

i used to think i could fly – Tate McRae

After years of listening to, adoring, being inspired by, and screaming along to Tate McRae’s music, she’s finally gifted us with her incredible debut album, i used to think i could fly! We really think this is some of Tate’s best work to date, and it’s partly thanks to her jaw-dropping lyrics and unapologetic honesty. So many tracks on McRae’s debut album tie into each other, and part of us wants to set up a giant bulletin board with different colored sticky notes to write down the lyrics that connect.

in loving memory – blackbear

If there’s one thing we wish for at the start of every new year, it’s a new blackbear album becoming ours that year. Thankfully, our wish came true this year with the release of in loving memory. Touching on multiple sides of love, loathing, and the internal versions of both, in loving memory, is a “headbang through the feels” type of album. With features from iconic emo acts like Bayside and Bert McCracken from The Used showing up to add the kick of perfection to this album, it’s a 10/10 for us here at The Honey POP!

Honestly, we’ve truly been blessed with albums this year!

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Have any of your fave albums made it to our list? Which albums are on your top 50 list? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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