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Music Rewind 2022: BLACKPINK Is Back In Our Area

Music Rewind 2022: BLACKPINK Is Back In Our Area

Last year, BLACKPINK gave us a lot of content, but it was mostly solo activities. As much as we loved everything they released throughout 2021, we were missing seeing our girls together. And after an almost two-year-long break, 2022 was the year we got BLACKPINK back as a group! And what a year it was for the girls and Blinks. Here are some of the highlights of this incredible year!

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BLACKPINK’s Collaboration With PUBG Mobile

The first content we got of BLACKPINK as four was for their collaboration with PUGB Mobile. The game teased us for several weeks and even created an avatar for each member. They eventually released a virtual performance featuring these avatars: Blackpink The Virtual. In this performance, they teased the release of BLACKPINK’s first group song after almost two years: ‘Ready For Love.’ It was released a few days later, giving us a bright and fun EDM song that’s perfect for the summer.

It was also extra special as we had been waiting for this song’s release in particular – ‘Ready For Love’ first appeared in their 2020 Netflix documentary Light Up The Sky where we saw footage of them recording the song in the studio. Now it’s finally here and we can’t get enough of it! ‘Ready For Love’ was the perfect way to re-introduce BLACKPINK to the world and get us ready for how they would take over the world in the next couple of months.

The Pre-Release Single: ‘Pink Venom’

The first actual taste we got of BLACKPINK’s long-awaited comeback was, of course, the official pre-release single: ‘Pink Venom.’ This was in every way the equivalent to what ‘How You Like That’ was to The Album. With this song, it was clear BLACKPINK was back. ‘Pink Venom’ is one of the most “BLACKPINK” songs ever – it’s catchy, addictive, and hands down one of the most iconic songs of 2022. And on top of that, ‘Pink Venom’ turned BLACKPINK into the first K-Pop girl group to ever perform at the MTV Video Music Awards. So yes, ‘Pink Venom’ made history – and it was only the first preview of their album.

The 2nd Full-Length Album

Less than a month after the release of ‘Pink Venom,’ BLACKPINK released their highly anticipated second full-length album, BORN PINK, with the iconic title track that is ‘Shut Down.’ This album gave us six new songs, and included ‘Pink Venom’ and ‘Ready For Love’ as well. BORN PINK showed so much growth and gave us everything we love the most about BLACKPINK. It had a title track that was so different and unique, as well as unforgettable b-sides. And to make this release even more special, BLACKPINK organized their first-ever pop-up store with Spotify in LA. The release of BORN PINK was just about happiness and the good music we had been waiting for. These girls did not let us down!

BLACKPINK’s Chart Success

As much as the best part of any BLACKPINK return is all the content and the incredible music, that isn’t the only thing that made BORN PINK such a monumental comeback. BLACKPINK owned the world with this release! First of all, ‘Pink Venom’ topped the Billboard Global 200 chart for two weeks, making it not only the first song by a K-Pop girl group to top the chart, but also the first Korean song to stay at number 1 for more than a week. Later on, ‘Shut Down’ also topped this chart. ‘Pink Venom’ also became the first song by a K-Pop group to chart at number 1 on the ARIA Singles Chart. And back in South Korea, ‘Pink Venom’ gave BLACKPINK seven wins, while ‘Shut Down’ got ten wins in music shows.

But let’s not forget about BORN PINK, which has given BLACKPINK an endless list of achievements. The girls simultaneously topped the Global 200, Global Excluding the US, and Billboard 200 charts. And they also became the first K-pop girl group to top the UK Albums Chart – making BORN PINK the first album by a girl group to top the charts simultaneously in the US and the UK since Destiny’s Child. We could seriously go on and on forever about the success BLACKPINK faced in the charts. This comeback is one for the books!

Image source: YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK’s Recognition

BLACKPINK’s big comeback was extremely anticipated, and they did not let us down. Thankfully, their hard work didn’t go unnoticed either. Apart from topping charts, breaking records, and making history, BLACKPINK’s success this year was also recognized with the awards they were given throughout the year. On top of performing at the award show, BLACKPINK also won the VMA for the Best Metaverse Performance for Blackpink The Virtual. They were nominated several times at Mnet’s Asian Music Awards and won the Best Female Group award, as well as Best Music Video for ‘Pink Venom.’ They were also the only girl group to win the Worldwide Fan’s Choice Top 10. Rolling Stone listed both ‘Pink Venom’ and BORN PINK in their year-end lists celebrating the best releases of 2022 – and we couldn’t agree more.

We as Blinks saw how good all of this was, but everyone else did as well. BLACKPINK’s comeback was for sure one of the biggest comebacks of the year!

Image Source: YG Entertainment

Their Solo Achievements

While 2022 saw the comeback of BLACKPINK as a group, we can’t ignore the multiple accomplishments the girls achieved individually throughout the year. First off, we saw Jisoo’s K-drama, Snowdrop, have massive success. She even won the award for Outstanding Korean Actress at the Seoul International Drama Awards. Jennie continued to be the face of several brands – most notably, she was the face of Calvin Klein’s Spring collection in 2022. And what got us even more excited was the announcement of Jennie’s acting debut in The Weeknd’s series, The Idol. Plus, for her solo stage in their tour, Jennie has been singing a brand new song, so a new Jennie solo track might be just around the corner.

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BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK gave Rosé a third solo song, ‘Hard To Love,’ and she also continued with her numerous deals with brands, even becoming the face of the 2022 Tiffany HardWear campaign. Lisa also had several deals with brands and continued her job as their ambassador. However, her most notable accomplishment this year was, of course, her song ‘Lalisa’ winning an MTV Video Music Award for Best K-pop Video, making Lisa the first solo K-pop artist in history to win a VMA.

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And this era isn’t even close to being over. BLACKPINK are ending 2022 on a high with the BORN PINK tour! After three years of being unable to perform in front of their fans, the girls are finally back on tour. After selling out venues in just a few minutes, BLACKPINK kicked off their tour in South Korea in mid-October. They followed it with the North American leg and then the European leg. But that’s not all, as BLACKPINK are already booked and busy for next year with dates in Asia and Oceania. The sky is the limit at this point!

Image Source: YG Entertainment

What was your favorite BLACKPINK moment in 2022? What are you hoping for next year? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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