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Exclusive Interview: FabuRocks On Neurodivergence And How To Get Started In Gaming

Exclusive Interview: FabuRocks On Neurodivergence And How To Get Started In Gaming

In the latest of our exclusive interviews, THP were absolutely thrilled to speak with FabuRocks! Fabu is a one-of-a-kind talent making waves in the gaming industry. Aged just fourteen, she’s already been gaming, streaming, and creating content for half of her life!

Fabu’s accomplishments are already so impressive; she’s broken countless records across half a dozen platforms. We’re not really scratching the surface, but we can’t resist naming a few here! Fabu was the youngest YouTube Gaming Partner (at seven), the youngest Discord Partner (at ten), and the youngest Facebook Gaming Partner (at eleven).

So, now you see why we simply had to interview FabuRocks here at THP! We won’t keep you waiting any longer, so read on now…

FabuRocks Interview

It’s been a long time since you first started gaming at just seven years old! Were you nervous when you first went live on Twitch or posted on YouTube? How have your feelings changed since then? 
When I went live for the first time on YouTube and Twitch, I was so young I really did not understand the concept fully of what live streaming was. I also started streaming with my parents there, either behind camera or on camera with me, and my mom would monitor the chat, which I did not have access to. I had no idea how many people were in chat or what they were saying. When I turned 13, I was given full access to the chat, but by then, I was more than comfortable being live on any platform. I would say that I am more confident and talkative during my live streams than I am in person. 

You’ve achieved so much at such a young age! What has been one of your highlights or your favorite record that you hold? 
I am pretty proud to say that I am currently the youngest content creator for brands like Turtle Beach, Roccat, Neat Microphones, and Facebook Gaming. However, being invited as a special guest to E3 in 2019, a gaming event only for people over 18, definitely is my most treasured highlight so far in my career.

Do you have a bucket list of goals you want to accomplish or projects you want to work on through your gaming? If so, can you give us a sneak peek of one of them? 
I have so many goals that I would like to accomplish, including growing the FabuArmy to continue helping young content creators get their start in this industry, continue being a panelist, talking about my experience as a content creator with ADHD at gaming conventions, writing a book and working with game developers to create a game.

How has your journey as a content creator helped you with your ADHD? 
Content creation has been the tool used to help me overcome my speech delay and ADHD in ways conventional therapy was unable to. As we all know, ADHD is not something that goes away. We all need to find ways to cope with and manage our ADHD, and for me creating content has been the key. For example, my educational videos regarding ADHD have not only helped me learn more about my ADHD but are also part of how I use video creation as behavior therapy. 

What would be your top tips for other neurodivergent people who want to see if gaming can be therapeutic for them? 
My advice is to see gaming as not just something you mindlessly do but to be open to seeing gaming as a therapeutic tool that can help you not only physically but mentally. I would mostly tell parents and educators not to see gaming in a negative aspect but to see the positive therapeutic potential gaming has. 

What has been your favorite part of gaming and building this online community? 
My favorite part of gaming has always been that I get to spend time not only with my family when we stream and play together, but I also get to spend time with friends I have made online. Through gaming, I have also been able to learn how to express myself and be more open to talking about my ADHD and learning disabilities. 

We love how much your parents have supported you on this journey! We also love the FabuRocks podcast. Can we expect any more episodes in 2023? 
YES!!! Season 2 of the FabuRocks Podcast will be launched in early 2023. I will be also working on the ADHD with Fabu Podcast, which will include my mom, who also has ADHD, where we will be talking about the daily issues a mom and daughter with ADHD face and how we overcome and cope with these.

We’re sorry, but we can’t not talk about how much we love Miss Cleo too! How’s she doing? 
She is awesome, right? Miss Cleo is not only my emotional support animal but a member of the family. I cannot imagine my life without her. 

The gaming industry just seems to be getting bigger and bigger! For anyone that has never joined in before but wants to get involved – what games would you suggest they start out with? 
That’s a great question! I would suggest that those who have never played video games start playing a variety of games in different genres so that they can determine what they like. Once you narrow down the genre of game you like, it’s easier to find more of those games to play. For those who game and want to start streaming, make sure to stream the games you love. Your audience will know if you are playing a game you don’t really enjoy but are streaming it just because it’s popular. 

And for anyone who is just getting involved with the gaming community, of course, we would recommend your videos, but who are some other creators and streamers you’d recommend they watch? 
There are so many great content creators and streamers out there on all the platforms. I am personally inspired by Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, How to ADHD, and Pokimane. 

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As 2022 comes to an end, what’s your message for the FabuArmy and the year ahead?
I have always ended all my videos and live streams saying, “Just be Yourself, because that is fabulicious,” because it is important for me to remind everyone who watches me that they are perfect just the way they are. 

Thank you so much to FabuRocks again for chatting to us in this exclusive interview!

So, are you a part of the FabuARMY? What did you think of our chat? Tell us all your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more gaming? THP have got your back!

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