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The BTS Holiday Content That Needs To Be On Your Watch List

The BTS Holiday Content That Needs To Be On Your Watch List

Two things that we love to celebrate: the holiday season and BTS! So what happens when the two combine? It’s a dream come true for us. Luckily, BTS seems to be as obsessed with the holidays as we are, and they’ve given us plenty of festive content to keep us merry!

From Christmas songs to New Years’ Eve performances and even festive episodes of RUN BTS that involve pig balloons (don’t ask), we’ve got all the BTS holiday content you need on your watch list right here!

‘Butter (Holiday Remix)’ Dance Practice

‘Butter’ might have been the song of the summer in 2021, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fit the festive season too! This ‘Holiday Remix’ is almost as iconic as the original, and it’s made even better with this dance practice video, mostly because we’re obsessed with Jin battling with his Santa hairband.

‘Snow Flower’ By V

His birthday is at the end of December, which makes sense because Kim Taehyung is the King of wintery songs. He dropped ‘Snow Flower’ featuring BTS’ frequent collaborator Peakboy on Christmas Eve! The song is a dream, as are Tae’s crooning vocals. “Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all” is us imagining the holidays without this song.

New Years Rockin’ Eve 2020

This is one of THP ARMY’s fave BTS performances, not just because of Jimin’s sort-of wardrobe malfunction. We love how these performances of ‘Boy With Luv’ and ‘Make It Right’ feel like the transition between the MOTS: PERSONA and MOTS: 7 eras. Plus, Bangtan behind-the-scenes content? Always a must-watch.

‘RUN (Christmas Version)’ Music Video

Not to be confused with ‘Run BTS’ or RUN BTS, this is ‘RUN’ by BTS, but make it festive. This video is a perfect snapshot of BTS’ energy during this era, and it makes us laugh every time.

‘Christmas Day’ By Jimin And Jungkook (Justin Bieber Cover)

Now we’re throwing it all the way back to Christmas Eve 2014 when Jimin and JK gifted us the ultimate BTS holiday content – a Justin Bieber cover. We especially love the last part of this track, where you get to hear the pair joking around in the studio!

Christmas Carol Medley At 2019 KBS Gayo

First of all, the kid staring dreamy-eyed at Jungkook throughout this performance is a big mood. This 2019 performance of classic Christmas hits is on our minds year-round, and we basically have every performance on repeat from December 1st.

‘Winter Bear’ By V

Our Capricorn King is back at it again. ‘Winter Bear’ is maybe the song most closely associated with V, and it added a lot more fuel to the Bear Vs Tiger battle. Plus, we love this opportunity to hear more about Taehyung’s higher register.

Run BTS Episode 32: Christmas Party

Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC, via Weverse

Ok, we wish we had a proper way to explain this episode, but we just don’t. Run BTS is a chaotic enough variety show as it is, then you throw in Santa hats, pig balloons, and a game of hide-and-seek. Good luck! This is one of the most iconic Run episodes, and we love that the festive season gives us an excuse to rewatch it on Weverse.


Bangtan has given the ARMY plenty of presents over the years, so why would Christmas be any different? We, of course, have to give an extra moment to celebrate how incredible Jungkook is at covering Yoongi’s parts in ‘Best Of Me!’

‘Christmas Love’ By Jimin

How could you ever hear the jingle bell intro of this song and not immediately feel festive? This has to be one of our favorite pieces of holiday content that BTS has ever gifted us!

See Also

‘Christmas Tree’ By V

From one soulmate to the other, this is Taehyung’s third solo track on this list! See, we weren’t kidding when we said he’s the King of wintery vibes! ‘Christmas Tree’ is on the soundtrack for Our Beloved Summer, a K-drama starring Taehyung’s friend Choi Wooshik! It seems like V’s gift-giving knows no bounds!

‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ Cover

The only downside to these iconic performances from Christmas 2020 is that they don’t have Yoongi in them! We missed him so much during this time, but nonetheless, we love this ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town’ video. Our favorite thing about this performance, though? The dreamy styling!

‘Dynamite (Holiday Remix)’

Not only is ‘Dynamite’ one of the most iconic songs on the planet at this point but just wait ’til you hear the ‘Holiday Remix.’ Even better, BTS gifted us with some extra selfie-stick videos too! Paired up with Jimin and Jungkook, V and j-hope, and RM and Jin, these music videos are super wholesome and perfect for getting you in the festive spirit!

What’s the BTS holiday content you simply have to rewatch every year? Do you have a favorite festive single that they’ve released? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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