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Take A Look At This, 5 Times The Rose Taught Us That Healing With Music Is A Thing.

Take A Look At This, 5 Times The Rose Taught Us That Healing With Music Is A Thing.

Hi there, Black Roses, we know you might have been just crying and healing with The Rose Heal Together World Tour, just as we have; and that’s why this time we got for you our favorite times they proved with their lyrics that healing with music is actually possible.

From ‘Sour’ to ‘Childhood,’ The Rose took it to a different level with their new comeback album; with different and powerful lyrics, they made a life-changing soundtrack. We tried our best to choose only 5 moments, but we all know the whole album is a masterpiece. Okay, let’s start and, just in case, bring some tissues.

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Don’t live your life like you have a thousand years, ready for you to waste your time, on regrets.’

Should’ve followed my own dreams, it’s better late than never.

Sorry, not sorry, we are starting with a tough one. This track was the first one off of their album, and they got us on the floor. The song is a very complex track of emotions, with soft piano and amazing vocals. On it we sing to our inner child, trying to say sorry, move on, and heal from everything we’ve been through


Cause everybody fears the one, the one thing they can’t cure.’

To find a way to heal the world without a single word; recover us.

We are not crying, you are. This masterpiece has a very happy rhythm but still hurts as any healing process would. Understanding that real change starts with us is something that these lyrics try to convey. Basically, it’s about how we are the answer we’ve been looking for. We all have that thing we don’t share, but we all need to heal it to move on.


‘Thank you so much for enduring every time, and enduring again, I’ll be your center.’

You’ll be back, the way you used to laugh it’s gonna be okay.’

‘Cause we’ll make it better don’t worry.’

Yes, yes, we know now we have 3 highlighted parts, but don’t blame us, this is harder than it looks. This song in particular is something special, as we saw, Jaehyeong wrote this piece during his own healing process. It is about how when you think you can’t do it anymore, there will always be someone who can harmonize with you “cause we’ll make it better.”


I was so down to call you my crown, then you fell out and now.’

I let you go and slip away, I know it hurts, but it’s the truth: my heart’s so sour without you.’

This masterpiece is probably one of our favorites, like how is it possible to talk about losing someone and that bitter taste of realizing that you are the one who stays? In addition, we got this fantastic music video as an illustration of how we feel the immensity of emotions when we get to listen to this track.


Everyone pushes me away, I know I don’t belong here.’

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Why am I so insecure? You’re laughing at me coldly. Is it wrong to be different? Maybe? Is something special wrong?

What do you expect me to say? I’m peculiar, and I’m lonely.’

Is there anywhere I can go?

Alright, this time we almost wrote the entire song here, we we resisted the urge. To close our rewind, we got one of the songs that reflect the most unquestionable signature of The Rose. This track reflects all that we have felt at one point in our lives or another, that is being “the ugly duckling.” ‘Definition of Ugly’ is about how we all might need comfort and how sometimes we just feel like outsider in this world.

We know we made it through, but we still ended up crying too. Even though, we are still glad we had the chance to heal once more reading, listening, and writing for you about The Rose.

As you can see, even during the hard times in life and things people barely talk about, they can be topics harmonized by thousands of people, helping each other heal and to take that out of our heads. Ineffable, we know.

Come around The Honey POP and tell us how many tissues you needed, and what is your most personal song from our guys, and keep the chat going on our Facebook or Instagram. Or if it’s your first time listening to The Rose and you got until here, we got you covered…


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