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We’re Going Into ‘Madness’ With ASTRO’s Moonbin & Sanha

We’re Going Into ‘Madness’ With ASTRO’s Moonbin & Sanha

Last year, we were the happiest to see how ASTRO‘s first sub-unit, consisting of Moonbin and Sanha, made their first comeback more than a year after their debut. And thankfully, we didn’t have to wait as long for their third release because Moonbin and Sanha are officially back with ‘Madness’ and their third mini-album, INCENSE!

On this mini-album, they revisit what we love the most about their sub-unit but bring it to a whole other level, all while exploring new sounds. This is a release you truly don’t want to miss out on! They’re insane for all of this.

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If there’s one simple way to describe ‘Madness,’ it’s by saying this is the perfect combination of both ‘BAD IDEA’ and ‘WHO.’ This track is so astonishing and captivating with its addictive bass. But most of all, the dance-pop EDM drop in ‘Madness’ is absolutely mind-blowing. Listening to this song is an experience everyone should go through at least once in their life: this track is simply amazing. We might go as far as to say this is their best title track yet. The themes and music landscapes it explores so flawlessly are just incredible. And everything is executed with perfection.

Both Moonbin and Sanha fit this concept so well – the mix between a sexy vibe and also a somewhat unhinged vibe with the entire idea of madness. This is simply a perfect song for them and one that we can hardly see anyone else doing. As always, the concept shines through the amazing visuals and aesthetics of their music video – this time, exploring more of a storyline. We just think everyone should be thankful to Moonbin and Sanha – and ASTRO as a whole, for that matter – for always, without exception, serving.


But there’s more to INCENSE than ‘Madness.’ The mini-album has a total of six songs: ‘Perfumer’ is the first track and it serves as an alluring introduction. The track is mysterious and intriguing. And it’s also their first all-English song. It’s the perfect transition between the sounds they explored in their second mini-album, REFUGE, and this new release.

One thing that is special about this release is that INCENSE has two solo songs: ‘Desire’ is Moonbin’s song and ‘Wish’ is Sanha’s. They were both part of the creation of their own tracks, which makes them even more special. ‘Desire’ is the third track in the mini-album and it follows the same lines of sexiness explored in the title track, while mixing it more with an R&B influence. Meanwhile, Sanha’s song is quite different as ‘Wish’ falls more in the category of a ballad. This a beautiful song that not only showcases his heartwarming vocals, but also brings so much comfort through its melody and its lyrics.

The two last tracks on INCENSE are quite different from the title track and show another side to this sub-unit we love so much. ‘Chup Chup’ and ‘Your day’ are really uplifting songs. ‘Chup Chup’ is fun, quirky, and bright, all while having a unique and surprising chorus. It might be one of the biggest highlights of this release! Meanwhile, the closing track, ‘Your day,’ brings the serotonin boost to a whole other level – few songs could be as uplifting as this one. It’s all about embracing life as it is and celebrating being alive. To finish the mini-album on this note makes the song hit even more.

INCENSE has so many facets within its six songs and remains so cohesive as it tells a story. We keep falling more and more in love with this sub-unit with every release. Moonbin and Sanha truly never fail and they’re always here to serve! And we’ll always be here to eat it up.

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