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SF9 Complete Their ‘Puzzle’ With THE PIECE OF9

SF9 Complete Their ‘Puzzle’ With THE PIECE OF9

If there’s a group we know is never going to fail us: it’s SF9. They’re back with their 12th mini-album, THE PIECE OF9, and its title track ‘Puzzle.’ It’s everything we love about SF9 and so much more. Needless to say, this is another great release by the group and you shouldn’t miss out on it!


This track is exactly all we love about SF9! Not many pull off the sexy vibe like SF9 do. They absolutely own it every single time without fail. On top of that, ‘Puzzle’ has one of SF9’s most addictive choruses ever with a heavy bass line and a lowkey retro vibe. It just scratches an area of our brain we didn’t know was there! That’s to say that yes, you will be looping this several times before you can move on – we haven’t yet. Through this song, they use the concept of an investigation to talk about discovering someone’s true intentions after falling out of love. And it’s quite genius if you ask us. One part we just need to highlight about ‘Puzzle’ is that bridge – that’s pure art. Well, the entire song is.

The lyricism in ‘Puzzle’ led to a very cool concept for its music video – SF9 turn into detectives trying to figure out a case and this aesthetic fits them perfectly. ‘Puzzle’ is one of their most genius releases to date. It has everything we love about SF9 and takes it to another new level. Who could complain?


THE PIECE OF9 is SF9’s 12th mini-album, meaning that, of course, we need to talk about those b-sides. And believe us when we tell you there’s some diversity here!

‘Love Colour’ shows another side of the coin when it comes to their outlook on love. ‘Puzzle’ is more pessimistic and portrays the falling out of love, whereas ‘Love Colour’ is all about embracing the special and unique love you may share with someone. It’s a lively and vibey pop song that truly hypnotizes you.

Meanwhile, ‘New World’ feels grand right from the start with that sort of marching band intro. It has a perfect anthemic feel to it and totally breaks the pattern established through the first two songs in the mini-album. They go from themes of love to creating their own world and universe through this amazing anthem. SF9 are lowkey ready to take over the world. And if it wasn’t obvious enough with ‘New World,’ it will be with ‘Fighter.’ This is a more hip-hop song as it starts right from the bat with a crazy rap verse. It has that badass, makes-you-want-to-burn-stuff-up kind of feel to it. And we genuinely can’t stop imagining how insane a performance would be for this song. We truly need it to happen soon!

‘Tight’ is the perfect dance-pop song. It is quite literally a club banger. It’s a true highlight in this entire release. Its chorus is so addicting and the whistling just makes it even better. Genuinely, right when you thought ‘Tight’ couldn’t get any better, it just does. It’s dynamic and full of energy, and we’re seriously in love with this song.

But SF9 close off the EP on a much different tone – ‘Stay With Me’ is the last song in their mini-album and maybe the most special one. This is a beautiful ballad sung solely by Jaeyoon, a song he wrote and composed as a gift to their fans. So of course we cried when we first listened to it. His incredible vocals shine through so beautifully and the lyrics are everything. And yes, it makes us miss him even more, but we couldn’t be more thankful to him for releasing the studio version of this song. And we couldn’t love SF9 more after this insane release. They truly never miss.

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