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Dreamcatcher Are Giving Us A ‘Reason’ To Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary

Dreamcatcher Are Giving Us A ‘Reason’ To Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary

Dreamcatcher are celebrating their sixth anniversary in the most special way – by releasing a new song.

This anniversary is extra special because of how Dreamcatcher have struggled and fought their way to the top in the past six years. They’ve managed to stay strong together despite having a very unpopular concept and coming from a small company. All the odds were against Dreamcatcher six years ago when they debuted, but today they are stronger than ever.

There are two reasons why this year is even more special. First of all, at the end of last year, it was announced that all the members had renewed their contracts before getting even near to the termination of their seven-year contract. And also, this is the first time since their debut that January 13th falls on a Friday, just like in 2017 when they debuted. On Friday 13th of January 2017, Dreamcatcher debuted with ‘Chase Me.’ On Friday 13th of January 2023, Dreamcatcher released ‘Reason.’

‘Reason’ is one of the most Dreamcatcher songs you could have. If we talk about the music itself, it is a straight-up rock song – heavy and heart-hitting. A song that no one in the industry but Dreamcatcher could release. The rap is incredible – especially that second verse that takes you totally by surprise. And the vocals. These girls are truly incredible and never fail to show it. And last but definitely not least: the lyrics. Dreamcatcher have come this far because of their talent, their hard work, and their strength as a group and as a family, but also thanks to the strong bond they’ve established with InSomnias. This is as much a song for them to remind themselves have far they’ve come as it is for us. Their love for each other and for us is just immeasurable and impossible to describe, but ‘Reason’ is the closest thing there has been to capture it. ‘Reason’ is one of their most beautiful songs – there’s no arguing about that.

Warning, the music video will get you to ugly cry. It’s such a heartwarming and just beautiful music video. It shows footage of the girls throughout the years together and with InSomnias. There’s a lot of footage from their latest world tour especially, but you can literally see them grow in the music video. One of the most heartbreaking elements is seeing the animated version of each member – each with an iconic outfit from different eras through the years – go up the stairs slowly but surely – crying, struggling, but making it to the top.

If that doesn’t gets you to cry, the footage of Dreamcatcher’s first win earlier this year will. While their number of wins does not represent at all the immense impact they’ve had and all the success they’ve had, it is obviously an extremely important thing to achieve in the K-Pop industry. After over five years, Dreamcatcher got their first win with ‘MAISON.’ And it is hands down one of the most important first wins in K-Pop in general. They put their sweat, blood, and tears into this. They’ve stuck together and to their guts, and this is why this year is so special.

There is so much to celebrate about Dreamcatcher’s past year and even more to celebrate about what’s to come. Dreamcatcher have come such a long way and they aren’t going anywhere. Neither are we.

How much did you love ‘Reason?’ Which part of the music got you the most emotional? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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