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4 Iconic Seungkwan Moments That Live In Our Heads Rent-Free

4 Iconic Seungkwan Moments That Live In Our Heads Rent-Free

We don’t know about you, but we at The Honey POP consider ourselves to be huge SEVENTEEN stans. However, much like many other CARATs, we have never truly been able to pick a bias. Whether it’s S.Coups, Jeonghan, or Woozi, the SEVENTEEN boys are always battling over the top spot on our bias lists. However, while we cannot seem to pick just one bias, we have always had a massive soft spot for Seungkwan. 

So, to celebrate our favorite main vocalist in K-Pop, here are 5 of our favorite iconic Seungkwan moments that live in our heads rent-free!


The ‘As It Was’ Cover

Seungkwan has kept us well-fed with covers over the last few years, including his epic cover of ‘Juice’ with Youngji and a beautiful live performance of Adele’s ‘When We Were Young.’ However, our personal favorite has to be his cover of Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’ for Spotify Singles. The cover dropped in October and we seriously haven’t stopped listening to it since its release. Seungkwan used his angelic vocals to inject his own personal flair into the cover while also maintaining the original vibe of the song. This was an all-around great cover and the perfect song choice for Seungkwan!

When He Hosted SEVENTEEN’s 5th-Anniversary Video

The SEVENTEEN 5th anniversary video is an essential viewing for all CARATs and if you haven’t seen it yet then you are seriously missing out. The video features all thirteen members reacting to their past music videos, except each of them is impersonating another member. Seungkwan took on the role of Wonwoo for the duration of the video, even putting on a deeper voice and copying Wonwoo’s iconic wave dance move. While Seungkwan imitated Wonwoo, the role of Seungkwan was taken on by Hoshi. This led to some very funny moments between the pair, bringing even more chaos to this already chaotic video.  

His Vocals In Every SEVENTEEN Ballad

We feel very strongly about the fact that SEVENTEEN has one of the best vocal lines in K-Pop, and they reaffirm that fact to us every time they release a new ballad. While it is hard to choose just one, our personal favorite SEVENTEEN ballad has to be ‘Same dream, same mind, same night’ from the Your Choice comeback in 2021. This song has a strong 90s boy band ballad vibe that we are simply obsessed with, perfectly complimenting Seungkwan and the other members’ dreamy vocals. Seungkwan pulls off some seriously impressive notes and belts in this song, blessing our ears with an unforgettable vocal performance that we will be obsessed with for the rest of time. 

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Every Time He Accidentally Became A Girl-Group Member

Seungkwan is very vocal about his love of girl groups and can often be seen recreating their choreographys or singing along to their songs. Our favorite example of this comes from the 2021 ‘TTT’ episode of Going Seventeen, where Seungkwan gave his members perfect renditions of TWICE’s ‘Alcohol-Free’ and STAYC’s ‘ASAP.’ This seems to be a trend in the ‘TTT’ episodes, as Seungkwan also dazzled his members with a cover of TWICE’s ‘Like OO-AHH’ in 2020. Seunkwan has proven time and time again that he is the ultimate girl-group stan and we absolutely love that for him. If JYP ever decides to add a tenth member to TWICE, then we think Boo Seungkwan should be seriously considered for the role. 

So, what are your favorite Seungkwan moments? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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