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6 Bizarrap Hit Sessions To Celebrate His Collaboration With Shakira!

6 Bizarrap Hit Sessions To Celebrate His Collaboration With Shakira!

After making 2022 his biggest year yet, Bizarrap starts 2023 with a collaboration with one of the biggest Latin stars ever: Shakira!

The Argentinian producer has become a staple on everybody’s Latin playlists thanks to his genius way of releasing his tracks, which he calls “sessions.” Bizarrap makes the beats, and the artists he collaborates with (which range from Argentinian rappers to international Spanish-speaking superstars) write the lyrics. Thanks to this synergy, there are so many hits in his discography. We’re here to take you along the journey of his greatest singles!

Bizarrap’s session with Shakira became an instant global sensation the minute it was released! It has become the biggest debut of a Latin song on YouTube by reaching 50 million views in just 24 hours. She made sure to tell us that she’s stronger than ever with the lyrics of this track. The references in her collaboration with Bizarrap go from her older tracks (“Una loba como yo no está pa tipos como tú“) to her worth as a hardworking female artist (“Te creíste que me heriste y me volviste más dura, las mujeres ya no lloran, las mujeres facturan“). We have been listening to it on repeat!

We have six songs you must listen to put Bizarrap on your radar. Let’s go through them!

‘Duki: BZRP Music Sessions #50’

One of the most awaited sessions of all time! This song gives us chills every time we listen to it. It goes through Duki’s trajectory as a rapper and his incredible resilience to become one of the most successful Argentinian artists (“Cada vez más fuerte, cada vez más fuerte, después de tantos años yo no le diría suerte“). This session was dedicated to those OGs that have been with both artists since the very beginning, honoring their roots and being grateful for their growth. We give them a 10/10 for such a meaningful track!

‘Paulo Londra: BZRP Music Sessions #23’

Paulo making his big return to the music scene with Bizarrap has to be one of our favorite comebacks ever! This session makes it clear that Paulo is back better than ever (“Porque siento que yo alguna vez me perdí, y hoy que me levanté, puedo decir que volví”), and it’s definitely one of our favorite Bizarrap tracks. The hype for this session was insane, as it all started with an Instagram post shared by the producer that gave everyone a test: the track would be released if the post got 23 million comments. 23 is Paulo’s special number, and Bizarrap made sure to reserve it for him to write the greatest session ever. The post achieved this incredible amount of comments in less than a day, and the track didn’t disappoint!

‘Quevedo: BZRP Music Sessions #52’

If you’ve listened to any Latin music last year, you probably have listened to this song at some point. Bizarrap’s session with Spanish rapper Quevedo is the most streamed session both on YouTube and Spotify. It has also appeared on top of numerous global charts, spending 50 days as the #1 song on Spotify after its release. There’s no doubt in denying that this session is a staple when going through Bizarrap’s discography. It’s so catchy and full of energy, and it’s the perfect song to get wild and dance all night!

‘Villano Antillano: BZRP Music Sessions #51’

A perfect session from beginning to end! Villano Antillano nailed the delivery of her lyrics, and there are so many elements to highlight from this song: the incredible intro to hype the listener up, the change of pace in the middle of the track, the spelling of “MALA MIA” that gives this song its iconic essence… It’s just so good! Bizarrap has been on fire by releasing so many incredible sessions back-to-back, with Quevedo’s and Shakira’s following its footsteps!

‘Nathy Peluso: BZRP Music Sessions #36’

Shakira isn’t the only Latin Grammy winner artist Bizarrap has collabed with! This session is an absolute staple of his collection. Every time we listen to a new session, we can’t stop ourselves from listening to this one again. Nathy Peluso‘s session is the second most viewed session on YouTube (right after Quevedo’s). Her signature delivery and Bizarrap’s great beats make this collaboration a great track! If you don’t have the iconic outro of this session playing on repeat in your mind yet, what are you doing?

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‘Nicki Nicole: BZRP Music Sessions #13’

This session has aged like fine wine, and we have been listening to it since its release! We are big fans of Nicki‘s unique voice, and she matches Bizarrap’s production incredibly well in this track. There are some collaborations that you know they’re perfect, and this is one of them! It has such a special flow that makes us listen to it every time we are touring his discography. Both artists have grown so much musically, and we hope they keep collaborating in the future! 

Are you enjoying Bizarrap’s collaboration with Shakira as much as we are? What’s your favorite BZRP Music Session? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! And for more coverage on our favorite Latin artists, click here!



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