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7 GOT7 Songs That Are Too Good To Be Side Tracks

7 GOT7 Songs That Are Too Good To Be Side Tracks

When asking people about their favorite GOT7 song, most likely, they’ll name one of their iconic titles tracks like ‘Just Right’ or ‘You Calling My Name.’ During their nine-year run, GOT7 has delivered countless tracks that display their unique vocals, substantial rapping, and remarkable songwriting abilities. We all have our favorite title tracks, but let’s highlight our seven favorite GOT7 B-sides that should’ve been title tracks.


‘Teenager’ is one of GOT7’s most popular B-sides, and rightfully so. Co-written by Leader Jay B, ‘Teenager’ is a mid-tempo R&B song about young love that’s pure and fun, just like a teenage love story. The authentic R&B elements of ‘Teenager’ was a fairly new sound for GOT7 in 2017. Jay B achieved a genuine R&B song with synth pads and plucks while staying true to their own style. ‘Teenager’ is the song that made ahgases all over the world (including us) want more of R&B GOT7.

‘Moon U’

Also stemming from 7 For 7, ‘Moon U’ is another song that focuses on Hip-Hop style beats and a note sequence played by the guitar as the cherry on top. Member YoungJae pitched in to compose and write ‘Moon U’ alongside member BamBam who also wrote the song. The member’s silky voices flow on the track like water, while the rap verses add more spice to the already flavorful song. 


This song is everything but poisonous. ‘Poison’ is a track from their mini album DYE, composed by member Yugyeom in a song camp in LA. By incorporating a real whistle and heavy baseline, ‘Poison’ is a charming track about forbidden love. Aside from the song itself, the members each came up with ideas for the performance; from using the door to the outfits, GOT7’s minds were behind it.

‘Shopping Mall’

Whenever GOT7 writes something, just know that it’ll be a hit. Written by Jay B, Mark, Jackson, and BamBam, ‘Shopping Mall’ is a song with a groove that makes it hard to sit still while listening to it. With bold lyrics, comparing time spent with a girl to the fun of a shopping mall, the energetic, groovy hip-hop/pop track is a favorite B-side of many fans.

‘One and Only You Ft. Hyolyn’

Who knew teaming up with the Hyolyn would produce such an iconic sound? Oh, we did! GOT7 brought singer and member of former group Sistar, Hyolyn, to their Eyes On You EP in 2018 with their opening track, ‘One and Only You.’ Hyolyn’s sultry and raspy voice mixed well with the softer vocals of GOT7. ‘One and Only You’ combines R&B and Hip-Hop with a brighter Pop/EDM sound. This romantic song is about having eyes on only one person. Guess who wrote these romantic lyrics. If you caught on by now, you would guess Jay B, and you would be correct! 

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‘Come On’

Tell GOT7 to make an R&B song, and they’ll deliver! ‘Come On’ is a mid-tempo sensual R&B track from their second repackage album, Present: ME&YOU Edition. This song, written and composed by Jay B (what a musical genius), is a swoon-worthy track that’s about admiring and adoring your lover. It’s a beautiful track layered with gorgeous vocals, and it’s one of our favorites. 

What’s your favorite GOT7 B-Side? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


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