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We Saw Jackson Wang’s MAGIC MAN World Tour In London, Here’s What You Should Expect From The U.S. Leg

We Saw Jackson Wang’s MAGIC MAN World Tour In London, Here’s What You Should Expect From The U.S. Leg

Name a better way to spend a Thursday night than witnessing an artist give their audience absolutely everything on stage? That’s right, you can’t. We were so lucky to see exactly that on Jackson Wang’s MAGIC MAN World Tour stop in London, and we’re still overwhelmed.

If you’re feeling like you missed out (you did), then we’ll give you the lowdown on that show, as well as everything you need to know about Jackson Wang’s MAGIC MAN tour before it hits the U.S. in early summer! It’s probably obvious, but we should warn you that there are spoilers ahead…

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One of the best things about MAGIC MAN (whether you’re talking about the tour, the album, or Jackson himself) is the storytelling. But we’re talking about the show today, and we’ll try to keep ourselves focused. The MAGIC MAN show is split into distinct sections (or chapters, if we’re running with the storyline): MASKED, ABANDON, HOPE and MAGIC. Each showcases a different part of Jackson’s discography, and his personality. It’s a show rife with vulnerability, and it feels like such a privilege to be going on that ride with Jackson.

The first section of the show is, and we cannot stress this enough, spooky as hell. We genuinely had goosebumps during some parts, especially the first VCR, but maybe we’re revealing too much about what scaredy-cats we are.

Jackson and Team Wang’s use of space is unparalleled, with the ever-moving elevator on stage, ghostly shadows on the concert hall walls, and trippy, psychedelic light shows on the ceilings. Add to that the light-up rings that are handed out (free of charge) at the door, making the audience as much a part of the show as anyone on the stage. No part of that room was left untouched, or unthought of.


Just like Jackson uses every part of the stage, he gives every part of himself too. The show, from start to finish, is intensely vulnerable. MAGIC MAN depicts Jackson’s journey through his career, relationships, and search for his own “magic.”

This time to speak freely on stage was clearly very important to Jackson, if his speeches were anything to go by. He repeatedly expressed his desire that fans find their own magic and their own “standard for happiness.” You really get the sense that Jackson is a person who is continually working on himself, and wishes the same for you too.


Jackson is one of the greatest performers in pop, and he didn’t let us down in any way from the vocals, to the choreography, to the styling. This era, Jackson has been wearing a sort of modernized magician’s suit – it looks great and we are not doing it justice with that description. Throughout the show, Jackson wears several different versions of this, each more gorgeous than the last. What we have to spotlight, though, is that he completely changes, down to the color of his socks. When we say this man doesn’t miss a trick, we mean it!

Do you remember earlier when we said the audience feels as much a part of the show as anyone on the stage? Well, what about when the audience is on the stage? Jackson pulled people out of the crowd to join him on stage not once, not twice, but three times. During each of ‘I Love You 3000 II’ and ‘The Moment,’ Jackson pulled a fan on stage to serenade them. The first song was super sweet and the fan was starry-eyed. The second was less sweet and more… shall we say intense? What meant the most though, is that throughout these performances, he repeatedly checked that the fans were okay and asked for their consent. It’s so important to us as fans to see someone we respect, treat his fans with such respect too!

All the memes about Jackson Wang being AO3 come to life couldn’t be more accurate, and everyone in that crowd was living their Y/N fantasy. And that’s before we get into the party Jackson had with a bunch of fans afterward, including food and games.

Image Source: Luke Dyson |


One of the most magical things about Jackson’s show is the sense of community that he and his fans are able to build. When you’re at the show, you’re in it, and a whole world is created around you. One of Jackson’s speeches was about his hopes for his fans, and how he’d love for us all to connect. There couldn’t have been a better environment created for that.

The audience got to know each other, and we got to know Jackson too. During the encore, Jackson even came up to the second floor to make sure he connected with every single person in that audience. As a slight sidenote: we don’t think we’ve ever seen a star so reluctant to leave the stage before.

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Jackson is one of the most charismatic performers we’ve ever seen, and you’re truly swept along for the journey with MAGIC MAN.

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We doubt you needed convincing, but surely you’re as desperate to see Jackson Wang on tour as we are to see him again, right?

World Tour

And if heading out on this world tour wasn’t enough, Coachella announced Jackson as part of their lineup! Notoriously hard-working Jackson has got a pretty packed schedule to start summer 2023. We’ve got all the dates and details for you right here:

  • April 16 – Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – Indio, CA
  • April 23 – Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – Indio, CA
  • April 26 – Shrine Auditorium – Los Angeles, CA
  • April 28 – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – San Francisco, CA
  • April 30 – Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Arena – Vancouver, BC
  • May 4 – Wintrust Arena – Chicago, IL
  • May 6 – Coca Cola Coliseum – Toronto, ON
  • May 11 – Barclays Center – New York, NY

Tickets for the U.S. MAGIC MAN tour dates go on sale on January 20th, with a fan presale on January 18th, and you can get them here!

Were you at the London show? Are you heading to see Jackson Wang on tour in 2023? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more Jackson Wang? Who doesn’t?!


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