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GOT7’s Jinyoung Starts a New Chapter With His Solo Debut

GOT7’s Jinyoung Starts a New Chapter With His Solo Debut

We’ve been waiting patiently and it’s finally here: Jinyoung debuted as a solo artist! The seventh solo debut by a GOT7 member is here – Chapter 0: WITH is the first taste of Jinyoung’s solo music and we couldn’t be happier to see him back on the music scene. That alone deserves its own celebration, but even more when the album is as perfect and flawless as this one. Just like the other GOT7 members, Jinyoung did not disappoint in the slightest!

‘Cotton Candy’

Jinyoung debuted with one of the most vibey and addictive songs ever. ‘Cotton Candy’ can only be described as a sweet bite of happiness! The bass line lures you in from the first few seconds and never lets go of its hold on you – this and the lovely pop melodies make the perfect mix. It’s subtle, soft, and easy-going, yet so memorable. The song makes his voice shine brighter than ever before as he sounds absolutely incredible. ‘Cotton Candy’ really emphasizes the warmth and comfort in Jinyoung’s voice, and we love every second of it.

‘Cotton Candy’ is really all about bringing light and brightness to everyday life. And that’s all the music video is about! It’s simple and beautiful, and we get to see Jinyoung dance again – which is also what we’ve been looking forward to since his solo debut was announced. ‘Cotton Candy’ brings all the happiness and sweetness into our lives and we couldn’t love Jinyoung more for it.

Chapter O: WITH

This album is perfect, from the title track to the b-sidesChapter 0: WITH starts with the saddest song of the five: ‘Animal.’ The piano ballad showcases his voice to perfection and has one of the most heartbreaking lyrics out there. The lyricism in all of these songs is one of the biggest highlights. ‘Our Miracle’ serves as a perfect complement to the title track. It has also a vibey and bright energy to it. And most importantly, the lyrics reflect a sweet love story. It’s simple, almost domestic, yet beautiful.

As the title may indicate, ‘Sleep Well’ is comfort in a song. It’s the perfect song to listen to after a long day! The melodies, the lyrics, and Jinyoung’s voice have the power to make you rest easy while listening to this. ‘Sleep Well’ is hopeful and magical, similarly to the closing track: ‘Letter.’ This song might be, along with ‘Animal,’ the greatest example of the impeccable lyricism we find on the album. The last song on Chapter 0: WITH could easily be an OST – and Jinyoung is no stranger to those, he’s one of the best when it comes to it. It’s a gorgeous love song about wanting to grow old with someone and keep loving them no matter the challenges you may face.

Jinyoung released one of the most beautiful albums we’ve ever heard. And he’s definitely left an impression with what’s only his debut! His vocals, the production of every track, and his songwriting skills are all top-notch and it will take us a while to move on from it. If you haven’t checked out Jinyoung’s solo debut yet, you’re missing out on something truly special!

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