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Our Favorite Alexander 23 Internet Moments

Our Favorite Alexander 23 Internet Moments

If your brain is a scary place and you live your life on the internet AND you’re a fan of Alexander 23, you know that Alexander 23 is very active on his socials. As fans, we’re grateful for that, because it gives us so many funny moments, fandom jokes, and opportunities to interact with Mr. 23 himself. He’s currently using his socials to be a menace and tease us about ‘How to Drive,’ his upcoming (hopefully soon) single, we’ve all so desperately been waiting for.

In the spirit of the ‘How to Drive’ campaign, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of his funniest, most chaotic, and most iconic internet moments. We could’ve just linked you to his Twitter and called it a day because his account has some gems, but we’ll give you the best of the best.

But first, go listen to ‘Internet’ because we’ll be sad if you don’t get our opening joke. 

The Flight to Toyko T-Shirt

As far as chaotic internet moments go, this was just the best way to start off. It was one of those “you had to be there, iykyk” moments but the tl;dr version is that he posted this paragraph, a bunch of people wanted this on a shirt, and voila, the Flight to Tokyo t-shirt was born. How many of your faves have turned their posts into merch like this? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Ultimate airport fashion perhaps?

Any Time He’s In An Airport Ever 

There were literally SO many airport tweets to choose from. So. Many. The previous part of this list literally started from an airport post, so his airport/airplane tweeting really is an Alexander 23 internet moment worth mentioning. Or rather, it’s a bunch of moments. Clearly, he has a lot of feelings about being in an airport. We felt like these two really summed it up well though.

But we understand. Airports and air travel feel like a whole different plane (ha ha) of existence and sometimes you just have to share the experience and bring your followers along for the ride or…er…flight. Just look up “airport” on his Twitter and you’re sure to have a great time.

But bestie, we hope you made it to the bathroom.

The ‘How To Drive’ Snippet Drop

There’s so much we could say here, but we are humbly requesting Alexander 23 to stop keeping this song from us so we can let our emotions run rampant with it on in the background. Haven’t we suffered enough??

We’re not sure why this is one of our favorite moments, because we’re being teased with it constantly, but listen to that song?! There’s no way we can be mad about the wait because Alexander always makes it worth the wait with his music. So, we shall simply stay here, waiting patiently, until this song can climb its way to the top of our on repeat playlist.

His…Political Campaign?

It is 2023 and his name is Alexander 23 so it’s only fitting to make this his year frankly. We have no choice but to hop on the Alexander ’23 train, but we do have some questions. Can he get us verified on Twitter? Can we offer our services in speechwriting? What is he going to do about airports?

Selfies For Alexander 23

This one is just plain wholesome. (Plane? Did this article just become a bunch of airport jokes??)

We always look forward to seeing the beautiful face of all the fans who share #SELFIESFORALEXANDER23 every 23rd of every month and Alexander does too! This is less of a single moment but it felt wrong to talk about his internet moments without mentioning this monthly occurrence.

His Self-Proclaimed Best Tweet

While writing this, we thought to ourselves: what does Alexander 23 consider his best tweet? So…we asked him!

Objectively we’re not sure if we can argue with that because Mr. 23 himself has spoken. But what do you think? What are your favorite Alexander 23 internet moments? Let us know in the comments below or drop us a line on Twitter or any of our other socials. We’re buzzing around on Facebook and Instagram too.

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