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9 Iconic aespa Fashion Moments To Celebrate Their Collab With PAPER & The Dematerialised

9 Iconic aespa Fashion Moments To Celebrate Their Collab With PAPER & The Dematerialised

In addition to being K-Pop superstars, Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning of aespa also stand out as style icons and early embracers of the ways we can experiment in the metaverse (or, as ‘Girls’-era Giselle would say, “m-m-meta universe”). Not only are they fashionable ambassadors for Givenchy, but they’ve spoken at a United Nations summit about how we can improve both the metaverse and the physical world, and they each have an avatar character called an ae as part of their lore. Since their debut, these girls have had their fingers on the pulse of what’s next that we can look forward to and what’s now that we can cherish and explore.

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that aespa is teaming up with PAPER Magazine and metaverse style pioneer The Dematerialised for a capsule collection featuring virtual pets and fashion! aespa ventured into the metaverse a few months ago in the form of an art collab with Blake Kathryn, and it was absolutely stunning, so we have high hopes for this new partnership. 

Fashion is such a core part of our identity and we are so excited to be working with PAPER and The Dematerialised on designing a digital capsule collection. We can’t wait for our fans to see what we’ve created and have the opportunity to own and wear the items too!


We’re gonna learn more about the aespa x PAPER x Dematerialised collab in the next few weeks through various PAPER features, and when the collection officially drops, it’ll be on Polygon, which is a sustainable blockchain system that’s carbon-neutral. In the meantime, let’s reflect on some of our favorite aespa fashion moments to predict what styles we might see in the collection!

‘Black Mamba’

From the moment we watched aespa’s debut music video, ‘Black Mamba,’ and the performances, we knew they’d become some of K-pop’s biggest style icons. We especially love the glittery looks they wore during their debut stage! A sparkly moment is always memorable, especially when the outfits are as unique as these.

Givenchy Photoshoot

aespa are the first K-Pop idols to become ambassadors for Givenchy, and we think it’s a perfect pairing! The girls always wow us when they wear the brand, especially in this photoshoot. Between the different textures and the sleek silhouettes, they ate these looks up and left no crumbs. And Ningning’s red hair with her pink outfit? Incredible!

‘Next Level’

aespa has always been our shining stars, and they took that role quite literally for these outfits from their ‘Next Level’ music video and performance stage! These really felt like sister outfits to the ‘Black Mamba’ looks we highlighted above, while the more subtle color palette gives them a more mature energy.

Music Bank First Half Special 2021

If we’re talking about the ‘Next Level’ era’s standout looks, it’d really be a sin not to include the outfits the girls wore for Music Bank’s First Half Special, where they performed ‘Next Level’ in bad*ss leather and cat ears! These looks matched the confident energy of the song so well while giving us an aesthetic the girls hadn’t really explored before.


It’s no wonder that Giselle and Winter told ELLE Korea that these were their favorite outfits they’ve worn during their career – they’re just so cool and sleek! The bright blue, neon green and black color palette was so unique, and we love how each of the girls got a standout look while still looking cohesive as a group. They were also so iconic that they appeared in the second episode of aespa’s SMCU series.

‘Life’s Too Short’

While we love aespa’s darker, more sci-fi-inspired fashion moments, we’re always stoked to see them try a brighter aesthetic! The ‘Life’s Too Short’ music video was a pastel dreamland and gave us some of our all-time favorite aespa outfits. From the heart-shaped buttons on Giselle’s Moschino look to Winter’s sweet bow top, every little detail of these ensembles has our hearts.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Good Morning America

Is anyone truly over aespa’s Good Morning America outfits from ‘Girls’ release day? Because we sure aren’t! They gave the classic schoolgirl concept a fresh spin with leather detailing and edgy pieces from Skoot Apparel. Karina even told ELLE Korea that her outfit was her favorite that she’s worn since her debut!

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KAMP LA 2022

Denim-on-denim looks can be tricky to pull off, but aespa did it flawlessly for their performance at KAMP LA! Each of their outfits had a unique silhouette, and Karina and Ningning mixed different shades of denim to add visual interest. The results are just *chef’s kiss*!

KBS Gayo Daechukje 2022

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without spotlighting aespa’s outfits from KBS’ 2022 Gayo Daechukje! The embellishments looked so elegant and showed us a different side of the ‘Girls’ era that we can’t get enough of. They seriously looked like K-Pop royalty here.

Now we wanna hear from you! What are your favorite looks aespa has blessed us with so far? Will you be trying to snag part of their collection with PAPER and The Dematerialised? Sign up for email updates on the collab right here, then buzz on over to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get excited with us! And if you want some more aespa content to keep you busy while we wait for the drop, click here.


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