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6 Neck Deep Songs to Get You Hyped for ‘Heartbreak of the Century’

6 Neck Deep Songs to Get You Hyped for ‘Heartbreak of the Century’

Neck Deep is one of our favorite bands and has been since day one. Remember ‘band’ Tumblr, where we reblogged aesthetic concert photographs and edgy lyrics? Well, Neck Deep was a staple on ours. The band has recently announced their newest single, ‘Heartbreak of the Century,’ set to release on the 14th of February, and we were so excited about it that we want to get you excited too. These are the 6 Neck Deep Songs to Get You Hyped for ‘Heartbreak of the Century.’

Can’t Kick Up The Roots

An oldie but a goody. ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ off of Neck Deep’s 2015 release Life’s Not Out To Get You is a beautiful, shining example of the mid-2010s pop-punk revival. Ben Barlow’s voice is the most perfect embodiment of pop-punk vocals: Barlow’s voice has a slight whine, backed by some shouts and a rasp and edge to it. It works insanely well for the genre. The fun shredding of guitars periodically throughout the song and strong backing drums create a great song to bop to. Bonus points for the song being about living in a sh**hole, because what good pop-punk song doesn’t mention their crappy hometown?

Silver Lining

A slick guitar lick, joined by a chugging bass, begins ‘Silver Lining’ and continues throughout the entirety of the song, creating the perfect background for Barlow’s vocals. The lyrics scream heartbreak and pain, another pop-punk ‘trope’ that keeps the genre alive. The drums are so important in this song, alternating fills and adopting different techniques.


The single before ‘Heartbreak of the Century’ brings the band back to their roots after a bit of exploration on All Distortions Are Intentional. It has an upbeat, feel-good tone similar to ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots.’ And there’s a brief halftime breakdown after the bridge that makes us go ‘OOHHH!’ and swing our heads. The lyrics are a commentary on the current state of the world, name-dropping he-who-shall-not-be-named and the fascination of the internet, sh*tposting, and the toxic need for external validation. A banger and a half that should be played repetitively while waiting for ‘Heartbreak of the Century.’


The most sonically reminiscent of ‘old’ Neck Deep off their explorative album, All Distortions Are Intentional, ‘Sonderland’ alludes to the ‘strange times’ the world lived in during 2020. The building of the guitars in the background with the complex drumming techniques shows the ‘old’ Neck Deep in a modernized way. The halftime breakdown before the second chorus has us in a headlock, and the sad melancholic, upbeat song has our hearts.

Kali Ma

One of our favorite tracks off Life’s Not Out To Get You, ‘Kali Ma’ features Barlow’s songwriting at its finest. He weaves a tale of young heartbreak, describing the town around them and the emotional implications of young love, and the impacts it can have on oneself years in the future. The intro riff is catchy and melodic, capturing you (and your headbanging) before the lyrics even start. Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember features on this track in the bridge before the royal breakdown that leads into the next song, ‘Gold Steps.’ Yes, you need to play the songs in order. You’ll thank us later.

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Gold Steps

In our opinion, we can’t mention ‘Kali Ma’ without mentioning ‘Gold Steps.’ The iconic introduction, the upbeat guitar riff, and the banging drum track get us pumped, even without Barlow’s vocals. This song, in particular, describes the feeling of going through hard times, but Barlow seems to be taking a supportive, loving stance in his songwriting. He acknowledges the feeling of struggles but reassures the listener that things will be fine, “‘Cause I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb.” The upbeat melody and the hopeful lyrics show the safe place that Neck Deep has created for their fans.

And if these songs don’t get you hyped for ‘Heartbreak of the Century,’ try anything else in their discography. Neck Deep has a song for everyone. What do you think of our list? Have any you want to add? Sound off by tweeting us on Twitter at @thehoneypop.


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