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3 Breakup Spells With A Maisie Peters Twist For Your ‘Body Better’ Séance

3 Breakup Spells With A Maisie Peters Twist For Your ‘Body Better’ Séance

If you have the aesthetic Pinterest shot of various crystals placed over your chakras somewhere in your camera roll, you can also identify a fellow witch. Perhaps your nose-wiggle approval comes from them posting a tweet about getting a tarot card reading or throwing a graveyard send-off party for their ex-boyfriend. One who should feel a slight twitch any second now from the needle that’s plummeting into their voodoo doll! Maisie Peters has done both of those things, coming out with a music video for ‘Body Better,’ so it’s safe to say she’s one of us.

The song is another heartbreaking piece with all of her angsty spite drawn towards a jerk who chose someone over her. Of course, it’s that on the surface, underneath, it’s an inquisitive self-reflection that if he can’t pinpoint the reason for their breakup, she’ll just fill in the gaps herself. She’s at the stage where she’s still wondering why she can’t be enough, and that’s okay because we all go through that frustrating sensation at some point in our self-love journeys. 

Now, a witch doesn’t do a breakup normally, and if you’re already typing ‘subliminals’ into YouTube, then you understand that to be the case. So we’re going to be exploring three healing breakup rituals, each with its own Maisie Peters twist, that’ll have you embracing your own body double by the time it’s sealed.

Cord Cutting

You know you’re still energetically tied to someone when the texting chain isn’t just tossed into the trash bin but deleted permanently, yet they’re still floating into your dreams as if the astral realm is WhatsApp. There’s no possible way to get over someone in these conditions, but thankfully, we witches have come up with something called cord cutting, where you grab metaphorical scissors to discard unhealthy attachments permanently. The most common way this happens is through visualization by a spiritual practitioner such as a reiki master.

How does Maisie come into this ritual? Although an easy visualization for cord cutting is simply imagining that the red string of fate no longer dangles between you and your ex, you can also get incredibly fancy by bringing candles into the mix. Basically, you need two as you’ll be tying the string around them to bond them together, symbolic, if you will, of the relationship, to watch as they and the string burn down. Although this will work with any sort of candle, why don’t you make them personal to you by using acrylic paint? You can spruce it up with Maisie lyrics that were important to the relationship or even visuals from the ‘Body Better’ music video that resonates with you, all to remember why you’re going through the ritual, to begin with.

Self-love Jar

Are you sure you’ve buried the voodoo doll for your ex way beneath his “Here lies the golden boy” tombstone in perfectly TikTok live-worthy sunlight? So all of your friends know that it actually happened, and you’re not just saying it to still hold onto him? Okay. We’re going to remind ourselves of all of the reasons why you attracted him in, in the first place, and it wasn’t because cupid targeted you two, but you knew how special you are. Somewhere along the way, your self-love dipped a little, and it’s up to us to ensure you’re overflowing with your own happiness first, so queue the self-love jar ritual. 

According to Revoloon, this one’s really simple, as all you need are witchy things associated with self-love: rose quartz, rose petals, and pink Himalayan salts. A pink candle will also do, as well as a jar and, for our Maisie twist, pieces of paper with uplifting lyrics, quotes, and even things that you wish she could say to you if you got the chance to have a conversation with her. By being really creative, you’re putting out a powerful intention that you can remind yourself of daily as you’re proud enough to have it as decoration in your room. Through associating self-love with your jar, the photographic repetition will jog your memory gears to remind yourself to treat yourself with kindness, just as Maisie will like you to do. 

Crystal Bracelets

We started this article by hinting at your crystal collection that would make any influencer jealous, so we’re circling back to it as they are stunning and have healing properties! Obviously, rose quartz is the one to carry around for an extra dose of self-love to be added to your day, but what are the others? Do any of them match up to Maisie’s songs? By wearing a crystal bracelet blessed with a self-love spell, you can feel the serenity of a good vibe listening sesh so much quicker and banish your ex from your mind.

‘Brooklyn,’ a tender ballad about looking out for your friends’ best interests when it comes to the dating pool, can also be sung to your inner child, and what better stone than rhodochrosite to do that with? It’s all about compassion for a younger version of you, focusing on forgiveness of self. ‘Glowing Review’ is easily a moonstone as it touches on the spark of new beginnings while channeling back to feminine energy, and though the words “blood moon” is tuckered into the final verse, who’s going to rate us if we don’t rate us first? As for ‘Body Better,’ we’re looking at orange calcite, which is all to do with sensuality, as the quicker we’re able to point at all of the parts of ourselves that let us feel sexy, the more grounded we will be and less plotting a relationship’s funeral.

‘Body Better’

‘body better’ music video out now 🥰🫶🥹 making this with @_miabarnes was a perfect witchy dream, truly where does a girl feel more at home than a californian cemetery? thank u to everyone who brought our vision to life, and i hope u all love it <3 golden boy dropped the ball huh!

Maisie Peters

From the minute ‘Body Better’ appears in Barbie-stylized font, visual-effect waves coasting over it as if it’s from some old VS tape plugged into a video player, Maisie illustrates a juxtaposition. One version of her is the sweet, girly girl, perhaps who she was during the relationship, and the other is post-trauma. It’s in the purple-toned phone from the early 2000s hidden in a swan placeholder to a knife resting on that same picnic rug. It’s so intentional to show the point of insanity that she’s driven to that it makes it downright comical. Gone is the crying over a romantic movie, plowing her way through snacks to have that, in this case, cake, and destroying her ruffled dress in a red stain that looks blood-soaked. Hence, burying her ex.

See Also

This isn’t the first time she’s played with the idea of looking as mad as a hatter despite going through serious issues as ‘Psycho’ does this well too! After finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her, she coaxes the girl into replacing her in the same getup she was wearing, only to find out that there’s a whole gang of Maisie Peters in their cellar, one for each girl he’s supposedly cheated on her with. What happens in the ‘Body Better’ music video, though, is that she goes from analyzing herself to embracing herself. Perhaps at first, believing that she is psychotic aids in the satirical witchy siesta. Though she has a lot of healing work to get her into a better state, there is that conclusion that she is enough, even if it’s only enough for herself right now. 

Californian Cemeteries > Australian Beaches

Maisie is currently swapping her book of shadows for sunscreen as she soaks up Australia and New Zealand’s summer, living that international rockstar girlie lifestyle through being Ed Sheeran’s opening act for his +–=÷× Tour as well as her own sideshow in every state that it rolls through. Rumors are she played ‘Body Better’ for the first time live there, so although a few have already sold out, Bryon Bay and Perth still have plenty of space for you to belt your little heart out. 

How does she have time for a tour, music videos, singles, and simultaneously leading towards a new pixie-magic era? We have no clue, but we have all the updates, so make sure to follow along on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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