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8 Things We Hope To See in Wednesday Season 2

8 Things We Hope To See in Wednesday Season 2

The Netflix original Wednesday is renewed for Season 2, and we can’t stop thinking about what’s coming! Wednesday is a dark comedy-drama following Wednesday Addams as she navigates her way through teenage life. The 8-episode series explores Wednesday’s (played by Jenna Ortega) journey as she tries to balance the macabre nature of her family, her psychic abilities, romance, high school secret societies, and a murder mystery.

Since its release in 2022, the show quickly broke records becoming the English-language series with the most hours watched in a week. Honestly, we understand why! Directed by Tim Burton, the series combines humor, drama, and the supernatural to create truly unforgettable viewing. If you haven’t seen it on Netflix, you’ve probably seen it on TikTok, where the show generated just as much popularity with fans re-creating the iconic choreography created by Ortega during the Rave’N Dance using Lady Gaga’s song ‘Bloody Mary.’

While the news of the renewal promised more torture ahead for the amateur detective and mystery writer Wednesday, we at The Honey Pop couldn’t be more excited! So, it got us thinking, what would Season 2 bring? Here are eight things we hope to see in Season 2 of Wednesday.

P.S. Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched the series yet, switch to Netflix and grab your popcorn, then head back here when you’re done. We have much to discuss!

1. Wednesday’s Wardrobe

Wednesday’s monochromatic aesthetic is modernized in the series, where outside of her unique Nevermore uniform, she sports all-black and white outfits. So let’s talk about her murder mystery OOTDs! From her combat boots and her classic enlarged collars to her checkered sweater vests and the ever-present braids, her clothes bring a level of sophistication while still keeping it fun. We would love to see more of Wednesday’s I’m casually hunting a monster to save the fate of the outcasts attire in Season 2.

2. Musical Moments

A soundtrack can often reveal more than dialogue and Wednesday is known for her short speech. As music lovers, we watched in awe whenever Wednesday was seen playing the Cello. Whether practicing her rendition of The Rolling Stones ‘Paint It Black’ or playing the stringed instrument in the town square. Wednesday creates the soundtrack to a scene of chaos. Episode 3 gave us goosebumps as we watched Wednesday play whilst Thing sets the towns new statue of Crackstone ablaze. This scene called for a rewind and was a deep look into the control Wednesday has over the storyline. In Season 2 of Wednesday, we hope to see more of these musical moments where the characters create their own soundtrack to control a scene.

3. Parent Relationships

No drama officially classifies as coming of age without parental tension. This is a common theme throughout the show. Enid’s parents express their disappointment with her, there’s the rivalry between Bianca and her mother, and we can’t forget how Wednesday projects her distaste for change onto her parents after feeling as though they banished her to Nevermore. Maintaining relationships is not easy, and family is no exception. In Season 2 we want to see how Wednesday re-bonds with her mother Morticia. As they share the same psychic abilities, we hope to see them come together to help Wednesday master her powers. She is part of the iconic Addams family after all! We want to see how the family dynamics play out. Have Enid’s parents finally accepted her? And does Bianca leave Nevermore following her mothers wish?

4. The Woman In The Truck

Blink, and you’ll miss it! When introduced to Wednesday’s transition to Nevermore at the start of the Season, we glimpse a woman eerily off-road. However, on closer look and only after watching the entirety of the show, we can’t help but notice the uncanny similarity between this woman and the key features of the Hyde, particularly the eyes. It makes us question the return of this creature and whether she was the mother that both the town’s sheriff and Tyler – the show’s main Hyde – refer to have lost. We hope that Season 2 provides more information about this mystery woman.

5. The New Nevermore Principal

Was it just us that felt a tear when watching the fate of principal Larissa Weems? An undeserved ending, but once our emotions settled, we appreciated her love, passion, and fight to save her school. Season 2 will hopefully reveal the new Nevermore principal. But how will they run Nevermore after its near destruction?

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6. Enid Wolfing Out

We absolutely love Enid! We love her for everything she stands for, her fun fashion, her care for others, her nails and of course her character progression. Throughout Season 1 we see her ridiculed by her parents for not maturing into her werewolf self. This pulled on our heart strings because we know she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. But also, massive girl power moment, because she does not let it stand in her way. At the end of Season 1, we see her finally “wolf out” and battle the Hyde. Hopefully no nails were broken! Her colourful lively self and the dark fur of her werewolf identity are aesthetic opposites, but we couldn’t feel prouder. We hope to see Enid master her transition and how she will use her wolf self to overcome future challenges.

7. Romance

Alongside trying to save the future of outcasts, Wednesday’s love interests keep us on our toes. In Season 1, we see Wednesday caught in a love triangle where she battles understanding her emotions, responsibility and trust. Throughout the season Wednesday puts her own emotions aside in an attempt to save her school and uncover the identity of the monster on the loose. However, when it’s uncovered that her love interest Tyler is the monster she is hunting, dynamics begin to shift. We would love to see Wednesday put her own feelings first and explore the theme of love a little more in Season 2.

8. Wednesdays Stalker

The strict no-phone rule is broken at the end of Season 1 when Wednesday is gifted a phone from one of her outcast friends. Wednesday’s phone flashes in the final few minutes, revealing she has a stalker. Really! After battling her emotions, a monster, and a close escape from death…the last thing Wednesday needs is another issue to deal with. With the digital cleanse over, the storyline for Season 2 is set. We are anticipating scenes of Wednesday putting her detective shoes back on and attempting to discover her personal stalker. Why they are after her and how the other characters who are protective of Wednesday (cue Thing, Gomez, and Uncle Fester) react to the news.

What are you hoping to see in Season 2 of Wednesday? Let us know in the comments on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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