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LOVA’s ‘I Raised Your Boyfriend’ And Its Realistic Questions About Human Growth

LOVA’s ‘I Raised Your Boyfriend’ And Its Realistic Questions About Human Growth

Sometimes, relationships aren’t meant to last forever, even though you have grown with your partner. It hurts to let the person you are still in love with move on, even if you’ve felt that they’ve changed for the better with you. LOVA funnels that anger and frustration into her newest single, ‘I Raised Your Boyfriend.’ Releasing this song on Valentine’s week was definitely the best move to make us feel understood at our lowest. Let’s dive deeper into the track and why it resonated so much with us!

LOVA has definitely hit hard with her many verses in ‘I Raised Your Boyfriend’ about letting someone go and seeing them with someone else, making us feel understood after a hard breakup. Creating trust and positive change in someone to then being left alone is not the greatest feeling in the world. The single makes us scream lyrics like “Yeah, you should’ve seen me last year / I gave it all I had, so here is to your future / ’cause I took care of the past.

‘I Raised Your Boyfriend’ not only deals with the hardest part of being replaced in a relationship – it also deals with the confusion of how someone can change for the better without being grateful. As LOVA says, “I raised the guy you see before you / He left me in the dirt / Where’s my prize and my diploma? / Where’s the credit for my work?” The single just knows all the questions we would like to address when our broken heart needs a hug.

Besides the lyrics that are just too real, the music video portrays so much symbolism. It transforms LOVA into a boxing coach that works hard with her trainee, only to be replaced by another coach that leads him to win boxing matches. We think this visual approach works great with ‘I Raised Your Boyfriend,’ and we have been recommending it to all of our music video enthusiasts!

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LOVA will be releasing two EPs this year! The first one will be out this spring, including ‘I Raised Your Boyfriend’ and other songs that deal with emotions like jealousy and insecurity. We can’t wait to check out the other tracks that will hit us as hard as this song has!

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