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‘Love Never Dies:’ TNX’s First Comeback Since Debut Is A Wow, ‘I Need You’

‘Love Never Dies:’ TNX’s First Comeback Since Debut Is A Wow, ‘I Need You’

The boys that came all the Way Up in May and won rookie group of the year are finally back! It was a long wait, but it was worth every second! TNX has officially made its first comeback since its debut, and we couldn’t be more excited about our dear members Tae Hun, Kyung Jun, Sung Jun, Hwi, Hyun Soo, and Jun Hyeok returning.

We knew they would come one day, and the comeback is finally happening. We met the members last year, and they exceeded all expectations as the first group managed under P-NATION. These 6 boys with indescribable talent have worked hard these 8 months for TNX, and today we see the result. It honestly has left us on the floor.


As if we weren’t in love enough, they came up with this concept full of sweet voices, unique rhythms, and a love concept that’s left us shook. So let’s check out what all the tracks on this 2nd mini-album have in store for us!

‘Love Never Dies’

A short opening track sharing the album title gives us a preview of all the instrumental vibes we are going to be able to listen to on the album. It also provides the roller coaster feeling, make in it feel like a very fresh and young representation of love and teen spirit.

‘I Need U’

This song was the lead single on this master mini album, and we knew it was going to be an interesting comeback when instead of the trailer, we got a whole song. This “little spoiler” totally blew our minds. It’s a song with strong pop vibes that describes that feeling of needing someone you loved, the feeling of all the memories fading away, and the necessity to let that person know that you need them even if they can’t be there.

‘Love or Die’

One of the b-sides of the album, ‘Love or Die,’ got this amazing music video, and it’s just one of the thousands of reasons we love TNX. It’s a pop-rock vibe song about when you’re willing to do anything for the person you’re in love with, but at the same time, you know it’s a ‘win-lose’ situation because you don’t know if it will be reciprocated. And if that wasn’t enough, it has TNX’s epic rap lines that have us jumping, vibing, and ready to risk it all for love.

‘Wasn’t Ready’

Going deeper through this astounding album, we find a song that reminds us how in a relationship, there isn’t always just one side of the story. It reflects on how volatile emotions are and how hard it is to see the person you love moving on and leaving all the memories behind while you are still in a maze of emotions.


Someone might have said it before, but we’ll say it again, TNX has one of the best rap lines we have ever listened to. This song has a contagious beat, perfect for walking along the street and feeling like a cool character. A particular style and an amazing production are the base of TNX’s ‘Slingshot’! So what else can we say? Just vibe with it!

‘따따따 (Short Ver.)’

There could not have been a better way to close this epic comeback than with a song written solely by our beloved Hwi. It’s undoubtedly a song that makes us look forward to a TNX tour and singing that contagious chorus in unison. A short, smooth, and perfect closing. Ineffable!

And There Is More!!!

TNX really made an effort to make their comeback different and hard to forget. Having that in mind, they had the great idea of creating versions of ‘Love or Die’ with different artists, which without a doubt, has us all in love as each version seems to tell connected stories.

See Also

We leave you with a variety of versions, including the Rad Museum, Emetsound, and Glen Check versions. You can also check out the SOLE version below! Don’t blame us if you fall in love; the same thing happened to us.

Writing this review and having a little recap on all this amazing comeback made us feel like we were on a roller coaster; that’s how strong the impact of TNX is. The talent is undeniable, their growth is noticeable, and we couldn’t be happier to have the boys back.

Now that we reviewed one of the most epic comebacks of the year, let us know your thoughts by dropping us a tweet @thehoneypop. Meanwhile, if you listen to the album, let us know your thoughts; which is your favorite track so far? (It’s okay to love them all, we can’t decide either). Feel free to also come around and check out all we have for you on our Facebook or Instagram; we will be here listening to TNX!

Stay tuned with more music news here, and as always, we got you!


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